True Blood Season 4 – Burning Down the House

True Blood – Season 4 – Burning Down the House

A lot went on this episode; some sad stuff happened, and a particularly unpleasant discovery was also made about Marnie and Antonia. There are now only two episodes left, and things are getting pretty tense. Bon Temps hasn’t devolved into total chaos yet, but it’s definitely headed that way, especially if Bill decides to …. well, you’ll see. Check out the recap.

What I Liked:

  • I liked Sookie’s big “fairy power whammy”… not exactly the same as Marnie and Antonia’s magic, but obviously very powerful.
  • Jason’s continuous struggle to do right by Hoyt, despite the urging of a certain redheaded Jezebel.
  • I know this sounds really horrible, but I liked the conclusion of the Tommy Mickens/Sam Merlotte subplot. It was sad that Tommy died, but it creates a lot of story potential, and it allows things to get back on track too, story-wise. Sam is going to go on a killing spree, and Alcide is giving him the keys to the castle, so to speak.
  • Speaking of, I like that Alcide is helping Sam avenge his brother. But there is definitely going to be a regime-change in the future for Marcus’s pack.
  • I still like Marcus; he’s a very shmoozy villain, and I mean, he just has that redneck charm. I can see why the women love him.
  • Andy’s V intervention. Terry takes him out to the woods, gets the guns, and the two get right down to it, mano to mano, and … holler at each other, until Andy admits he has a problem. I really hope this is the first step of many in the right direction for him.
  • Holly working with Tara, –she’s a good influence on her. Teaching Tara how to sort of focus her nasty little brain, is probably a good thing for her.
  • Was it just me or did Antonia/Marnie mention that Jesus has a demon? Wtf? Cool! When do we get to see Jesus’s demon?! Maybe that was his whole, head change thingy? I loved Lafayette’s explanation for that. “It’s a… Latin thing.”
  • Pam getting her maker back; that scene made me sniffle. Poor Pam. She loves her daddy.
What I Didn’t Like:
  • I’m really disappointed in Marnie. She’s turning into a total bitch. Antonia is the rational one now, how crazy is that?
  • Jessica is getting on my nerves. Why doesn’t she realize that she’s breaking up two best friends, and being a total whore? God, I wish she would just go be a vampire, –with other vampires, –and stop getting involved with humans. All she does is screw it up. Her whole character gets on my nerves. She’s selfish, naive, ignorant, and she has yet to actually -act- like she cares about anyone but herself. God, she’s almost as bad as Tara.
  • Bill finally getting up the nerve to override Nan, although the plan in question is ill advised, since it involves blowing up a lot of innocent people… and Tara.
  • The Eric & Sookie relationship talk. Is it over now that Eric is all Eric again? And has Eric gained some perspective? I miss the other Eric, the cute, sweet, and funny one.
  • Hoyt’s getting kind of annoying. Jason isn’t the only one who’s noticed. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work things out, but right now, he’s all pitiful and pathetic, and on top of that, he’s still angry and nasty. Get over it Hoyt, Jessica is just another selfish bitch. Find a nice girl.
  • Never finding out what happened to Nan. Wtf? Did they just leave her in Bill’s basement?
  • And Debbie. Bad dog! I can’t believe her these days. She was so close to being a better female. She was clean, being nice to Sookie, and looking really good. And now she’s going back to the V, and screwing around with Marcus… who is really charming and hot, –but she should be able to resist. Especially since she already has a man like Alcide. I mean, my god. Marcus is sexy in his own way, but compared to Alcide? No contest.

Inside the Episode

What’s Babyvamp Jessica saying? Just the usual; more egocentric ramblings from a spoiled brat in desperate need of some perspective. Bill should just ground her. She needs to spend some time being single, or with a really mean guy. Clearly this is a woman with no idea how to appreciate a good man. In her case, she should start with learning how to COOK and since she’s a perpetual virgin, I’d suggest, learning how to give great head.

Waaaah. Boys are no fun. Whatever. Check out the preview for the next video! With any luck, someone will get blown up!

True Blood Season 4 – Soul of Fire

The big question for this episode I think, is…
Will Sookie and Eric stay together? Or… should the Talking Heads sue The Used for their horrible cover of Burning Down the House?

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