True Blood Season 4 – Cold Grey Light of Dawn

True Blood – Season 4 – Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Is this the episode where someone dies? Gasp! Well, yeah, like one minor character. There haven’t been any big deaths yet, just that one chick that was spying on the Wiccans for Big Bill. That does not mean I want any main characters to die (except Tara). I wish that Lafayette’s new hairstyle would go back to the Pirates of the Caribbean film that it crawled out of, but I don’t want him dead. Just in the salon, under some serious scissors. Here’s the recap.

What I Liked:
  • Antonia is just -awesome-. Seriously. Aunt Petunia is a raving madwoman as Antonia, and the accent on top of her regular voice is just great. She totally hams it up as an old school Spanish witch.
  • Surprisingly, liked the fact that Tara’s girlfriend didn’t die. But only because it’s a nice change of pace.
  • Pam’s whole deal throughout the film; I feel sorry for her, but I can’t help but giggle while poor Ginger babysits her.
  • Ginger; though she’s an infrequent addition to the cast, she cracks me up. With 14% brain cell activity (and dropping) she’s a welcome addition to any episode. Especially when she’s screaming.
  • Sookie’s moaning in the woods. Her moans sound kind of icky. As a former phone sex operator, I could probably give her some tips: the key is, not to sound like you’re on the toilet. If you’re going to fake it, do it with style.
  • Bill’s evolving sense of King-ness; he’s doing a lot better these days. Less of a total douche.
  • The dwarf doctor; she’s great. She doesn’t pull any of that sucking-up bullshit. She tells it like it is, even to vampires.
  • Lafayette is great in this episode; his threats to burn down the “taco stand” and his swatting away the ghost who seems to want to steal Arlene’s baby, –he’s just funny as hell.
  • Sookie and Eric; they’re still great together, totally sweet and romantic.
What I Didn’t Like:
  • Tara joining the witches and causing more problems for everybody. Should have just gone on back to New Orleans with your girlfriend, but noooo. Gotta stay in Bon Temps, startin’ shit.
  • Sam and Tommy. Sam is being totally irrational here; Tommy did not actually mean to turn into him. Poor kid. I HATE getting to know Sam better. It seems like the more we know about him, the more of a total dick he turns out to be. I was afraid he’d kill the poor kid.
  • Alcide being into Sookie, which is just, ill-timing. Debbie has clearly done a lot of work, and she deserves a break. Normally, I’d say, to hell with that skank, but she clearly has put forth a lot of effort towards being normal. And how does he pay her back? By watching Sookie and Eric doing it in the woods. Freak.
  • The weird ghost that seems to like the baby. She needs to go… haunt someone else. Creepy.
  • Andy’s V-addiction. He’s a spaz on the best of days, but now he’s just… bleh.
  • The possibility of Jessica dying. Hopefully she won’t fry, and hopefully, the experience will wake her up and get her acting a little more responsibly.

What Babyvamp Jessica saying? We;;, she’s talking about how she feels like something big is about to happen. I hope it’s not because she’s about to croak. Check out her post by clicking the link above, and the preview for the next episode, by clicking the video below. It looks like Antonia is going to be the ringmaster in the next episode; the werewolves are going to try not to get involved, but probably will, on one side or another, and Bill is going to try and work something out, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work at all.

So the big question this time:
Which of the main characters do you think are going to get killed off?

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  1. What is up with that baby? It’s such a bizarre subplot and I can’t figure it out. They make a big deal out of it some of the time, and then not much progress with it. What about that creepy doll?

    I don’t really care for the Eric and Sookie storyline. Not much else really going on with her. Bill is a better character without her.

    Marnie is just fantastic. She had me thinking she’s right, and all vampires should be eliminated. Bill was thinking the same thing. All this time they indulged in their every whim and explained it away as just being their nature. Imagine if we all did the same.

    Do you think Jessica survives or is this it for her?

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  4. Well, I’m sort of holding my breath on the deal with the baby. The creepy Creole ‘mammy’ lady makes me nervous. I’ve always severely distrusted babysitters. What kind of sane human being volunteers to spend time around other people’s kids? Wackos.

    And, —heresy, Veritas. Sookie and Eric doing it is probably one of the best parts. Except for Sookie’s noises anyway.

    And, I think that’s probably how they’ll get through to Antonia at some point; look at all the human beings that kill other human beings. I’d say at least 75% of the time, vampires are killing for food.

    And, probably.

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