True Blood Season 4 – I Wish I Was the Moon

True Blood – Season 4 – I Wish I Was the Moon

For some reason, there’s no video recap from HBO tonight. Sounds like someone’s fallen asleep over the controls. Oh well. It was an exciting episode, although it felt to me more like a building up; there were a few big events, but no OMFG OMFG OMFG moments, you know? Anyway, next up are my likes and dislikes, so this is me, diving right in!

What I Liked:

  • Terry lived! Thank god! I was so afraid he’d get blown up. Actually, during a conversation with a friend, a couple days ago, I said: “This is what’s most likely going to happen. They’re going to wake up, not be able to find the baby, waste valuable time, Terry’s going to go back in, the house is going to blow up, and the baby will have been outside the entire time.” I’m soooo sooo glad to be wrong. But seriously, everything else, predictable.
  • No fairies in this episode either. Yay.
  • Bill setting Eric free; in fact, Eric’s entire speech about Sookie and love, and like, “I deserve to die for being a douche…” The whole thing was just super, oh and btw —
  • Bill not being a total dick in this episode. It started out looking grim, but he ended up being a little more like the Bill we know and love. The not-such-a-ridiculous butthole version.
  • Marnie’s possession and cool witchy new powers. Very awesome.
  • Sam standing up to Andy, finally. Andy seriously does need his ass kicked.
  • The large amount of nudity this episode. Two thumbs up guys, seriously.
  • For a second there, it looked like Tara was finally going to get her ass kicked… but then, alas… no. It would have been totally justified too! Which was the best part! I only picked this as something I liked because it cheered me up for a short moment.
What I Didn’t Like:
  • Tommy Mickens. Really? Really? This kid is such a massive screw-up. And even when he got told off by Maxine Fortenberry for being an asshole, you couldn’t enjoy it, because it was her nasty ass, which means it was just vicious and cruel, not good, constructive reaming, the kind he needs. He’s like the male version of Tara; once, twice, three times the victim and constantly in a state of “no one understands me, so I’ll just be an even bigger dickhead than before”.
  • Jason doesn’t turn into a werepanther?! God damn it! WTF is going on? Alan Ball is just dangling the carrot and jerking it away now. If Jason never turns I will throw a huge fit.
  • Jessica nosing around Jason. First off, um, can you be any skankier? Rise above your redhead stereotype. And besides, Crystal is a psycho. I could see if maybe these two wanted to legitimately hook up, -after- a breakup with Hoyt. But this isn’t a triangle, it’s a square, and Crystal is crazy. Who knows what she’ll do?
  • Not getting to see Crystal or anyone from Hotshot in this ep; I wonder how Crazytown is coming along?
  • Totally unrelated… but… I hate Anna Paquin’s cameo in Scream 4. Lame.


What’s Babyvamp Jessica saying? As the season continues, I really dislike this character. It was cute the last two seasons, but um… not so much anymore. I’m over it. Apparently, breaking new ground in a vampire/human relationship in a small town is as good as it gets for the actress, now she’s caught in a Jerry Springer episode. Ugh, so bleh. Let’s do something new… So anyway, tonight she’s talking about being ‘born again’ and how awesome it is to be all … er, dead. But I guess it’s cool that she’s like Super Waitress now. Check out the video below.

The new witch in town’s name is Antonia, –it just so happens that she’s in Marnie’s body. But Antonia is way hot… in like, her own body. In Marnie’s body she’s just creepy grandma. Lots of stuff happens in the next episode, –someone catches on fire, Bill gets shot, and Antonia/Marnie escapes from jail. Check it out.

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