True Blood Season 4 – I’m Alive and On Fire

True Blood – Season 4 – I’m Alive and On Fire

This was a great episode; I’m impressed, despite myself. I’m also pretty damn thrilled that the horrible fairy storyline is so far, minimal and non-intrusive. There were things I liked, –in fact, there were fewer things to dislike, but most of them are subjective. Well… all of them are really. This episode seemed mostly about Eric, but with all the damn subplots flying around, who knows?

So far, the “I don’t get it” category has been laid to rest. I still don’t understand those things, but, I’m getting there.
I liked:
  • The ongoing and further development of Marnie’s story. And the witch who possesses her.
  • Jason’s great escape! Hurray! And you know… the fact that they didn’t end up showing a 14 year old girl raping a man in his late 20s. I would have found that deeply disturbing.
  • The fact that Tara had about five minutes total on screen.
  • The re-introduction of Tommy’s mama and Joe-Lee… Mostly because this is going to give Sam and Tommy a chance to work out their problems. This is a chance for Sam to help Tommy.
  • Debbie Pelt. God damn it. I thought for -sure- she was going to straighten out. But I -saw- the crazy eyes look when Alcide started talking about helping Sookie out. She’s going to start goin’ nuts again.
  • Crystal… she’s lost it. Finally. I like her being more like she is in the books, but honestly, I can’t stand her. She’s such a spastic looney. It’s the inbreeding.
  • The scene between Eric and Alcide in the pond. Hilarious!
Things I didn’t like:
  • The fact that Tara was in the episode at all.
  • The continued pursuit of the “evil baby” spiel. We’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. You know what would be more original? If the baby was totally normal. But oh noooo. Poor little baby.
  • Pam being turned into a ghoul. She’s just trying to help her daddy. Watching Tara’s obnoxious ass hold a gun on Pam got my back up, and then they all stood around and watched while Marnie got possessed and made Pam look icky.
  • The possibility that Jason might turn into a V-addict again; he’s clean, and trying to help Andy, but… now he’s got the V in him again. Hopefully, he’ll just take it, get healed, and then … eventually turn into a werepanther on the full moon.

What’s Babyvamp Jessica saying? Oh she’s got hardly anything to really talk about; apparently, she’s still sore about Hoyt calling her blood “shit”. Yeah. That’s what she’s hurting about. Despite her (ch)eating around on Hoyt, –typical female. No matter how wrong they are, they come up with some way to be the victim. Why not just get over it and say “I screwed up, this is why” without trying to foist any blame off onto anyone else? Because -then- everyone would realize “Hey, this isn’t worth all this bullshit.”

Inside the Episode

Check out ‘Inside the Episode’ above to see Alan Ball and Michael Lehman discuss the episode. And watch the preview for the next episode below; things get crazy. Godric makes an appearance, and Big Bag King Bill has to make some decisions where the witches are concerned.

So the big question for this week’s show? is….
Do you think Jason will get back with Crystal’s crazy ass?

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