True Blood Season 4 – Let’s Get Out of Here

True Blood – Season 4 – Let’s Get Out of Here

There are three episodes left after tonight, and phew! Sookie almost died in this episode. I mean, we all know there’s no way Sookie can die, because the show is about her. This isn’t American Beauty, for god’s sake. Anyway, she can experience torture, and do lots of “almost” dying, but she’s with us to stay. Tara probably is too, unfortunately.

What I Liked:
  • The resolution of the ghost/baby/possession subplot; it sets a precedent for some ideas about how they’re going to finally stop Antonia. Plus, it just rounded out nicely, with no one going to jail.
  • Tara and co. all standing up to Marnie/Antonia. Although, honestly, I doubt she’s doing it for the vampires, so much as for the innocent people that will be killed in order for Marnie/Antonia to prove her point.
  • The small amount of reconciliation between Sookie and Bill.
  • Sam acting a bit more family-friendly; he still needs serious therapy though.
  • Bill standing up to Nan; he’s been a real prick for the first few episodes, and now he’s really stepping up to the plate and acting like a leader. Namely, by telling a superior in management what an idiot she’s being.
  • Jason, being all, professional and cop-like, not to mention, resisting the temptation to screw around with Jessica. Oh wait, that’s right, he fucks her anyway! Ugh, Jason, Hoyt is going to totally flip his shit when he finds out.
  • Marcus. Yeah, yeah, I know, he’s a dickhead, but… I still like him. I think he’s sort of the sensitive type, and if he recognizes that Alcide is leader material, then how bad can he really be? Probably pretty bad. But, I still like him.
  • Sookie’s Bill and Eric porno dream. Whooooa.
  • Debbie’s helping Sookie. I was worried for a while, but she seems like she really is trying to help, and trying to control herself.
  • Tommy, trying to keep Sam safe, in his own way. I can’t help but feel sad for the poor critter. He has behavior issues, but honestly, he also has really vulnerable moments. He needs Sam’s guidance, but Sam is too much of a hyper-angry dickhole to do it.
  • Alcide standing up to Marcus, and his guys, and saving Tommy. Maybe Alcide can be Tommy’s new father/big brother. He’d make a great daddy. Oh, and speaking of, we got to see Alcide’s gorgeous butt this episode!
What I Didn’t Like:
  • Generally, I like Nan, but she really is being a bit ridiculous this season; she’s just not looking at things from a cost/benefit analysis perspective, and that’s going to really hurt the campaign for vampire rights.
  • Eric getting all pussified, and following Antonia around like a dog. It just makes me embarrassed for him.
  • Tara being all noble at the last possible minute. Oh, gee, I thought you wanted to kill all the vampires, Tara? That means Bill and all the other vampires out there that never did nothing to you too. Oh but -now- it looks like joining forces with a powerful, vengeful witch from beyond the grave looks like a bad idea. Hm. Duh?
  • Debbie on V again. This just made me so sad for her. I really hope she doesn’t get all strung out again, but you know, I see it coming.
  • Hoyt, continuing to be a total douchebag. That’s just not necessary. Totally immature.
  • Jessica, continuing to be a selfish tart. She needs to just stop looking for a man for a while, and relax.
  • Terry; less dislike, and more disappointed. Sure, Andy’s a shit, but being all mean and nasty to him, that wasn’t nice.

What’s Babyvamp Jessica saying? Just more ambiguous, vague crap about her and Hoyt. I swear to god, every damn post from Jessica starts with some tedious anecdote, that goes on and on, until she finally makes a point, and only then, do we finally get the message. Can’t she just rant and rave like any other blogger? Check out the preview for the next episode below.

True Blood Season 4 – Burning Down the House

The big question for the next episode, –do you think they mean that really horrible song, by The Talking Heads?

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