True Blood Season 4 – Me and the Devil

True Blood – Season 4 – Me and the Devil

This episode was really focused; it didn’t have the scattered effect that so much of last season did. And also, no damn faeries showed up in it. It was a great episode, I was happy throughout! But, there were still some strong feelings, –but first, let’s see the recap from HBO. Oh and obviously, beware of spoilers.

What I liked:
  • You know, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before, but I LOVE the theme song. And what I love even more, is the fact that after four years, it hasn’t changed. The intro, the song, –the quick shot of nipple and crotch towards the end, the stripper stretch, the dancing bar tramp, that -perfect- black panty clad ass, and all the icky roadkill/dead animal stuff, it all fits. And it’s perfect. So thanks TB ppwers that be for leaving it!
  • Terry Bellefleur, throughout, he’s such a trip. he cracks me up, and at other times, he’s such an amazing cutie-pie.
  • Tommy Mickens turning into a gator. That was frigging awesome.
  • Jason Stackhouse, –he came back from a gang rape with zeal, and his usual sense of sarcastic, if doofy, humor.
  • The whole Eric and Sookie thing. OMG! So sweet!
  • Gran, and Sookie getting to talk to her again through Marnie. It was such a great moment. And Sookie’s entrance from Marnie’s weird little store, that was great too.
  • Bill being glib about Pam’s face falling apart. “Extra lipstick”? I lawl’d. Hilarity.
  • The seriousness of the witch-threat; I like that Bill is sort of stepping up as king, and gaining a little bit more humbleness in the face of the big necromancy scare of ’11. The development of the backstory is also pretty good, –I actually, despite my better sensibilities, like that there’s more development to this story than in the book.
  • Oh, and Sookie using her telepathy again for investigative purposes! In the last season, they barely had her doing any of her telepathic stuff. In the first one, they made it look like she was practically developmentally challenged because of it. Let’s have some consistency, people. But anyway, I do like that we have that back now.
What I didn’t like:
  • Tommy killing his parents was rational, considering he was fighting for his life and freedom. What wasn’t, was the fact that afterwards, Sam made it seem like killing people was the hip new thing that all the cool kids are doing. Was it just me or was he downplaying the fact that his brother just killed two people? I mean… sure, it was necessary, but Tommy is really way too impressionable, and makes horrible decisions -very- fast. I don’t think Tommy will be with us much longer.
  • Pam’s rotting face. And its effect on her. Pam didn’t need to be humbled. Now they’re just making her look shallow.
  • The whole Jesus storyline. He’s SO obnoxious. I HATE people that pick and choose when they have an accent. And the only time Jesus has one, is when he says “brujo”. What’s worse, is he totally exaggerates it. Give me a break.
  • More Tara, being annoying. This is Tara’s entire dialogue, in all four seasons, narrowed down to one sentence, and one question: “I’m a bad person, I don’t know why, and I’m also a victim. When will you all finally realize I’m special and worship me?”
  • Portia… ew. Gross. “You’re my great great great great great great great great great great grandaddy! Let’s have SEX!” Nasty. But hey, Bill fixed her.
  • Lettie Mae…. ugh. Go AWAY! Lafayette rules though, except for his hair. That’s horrible. But the rest of Tara’s clan, please, vacate.
  • Andy’s continued downward spiral. I like Andy sometimes, but he’s really gone downhill. We need the better, hardcore, less idiotic Andy back.
  • One, minute long scene with Alcide. Um. Wtf? Can’t we do a little better than that? Jeez, people.
  • The possibility of a Hoyt-Jessica-Jason love triangle. Let’s just quit while we’re behind, please.

 Read the full HBO synopsis.

What’s Babyvamp Jessica saying?  Well, she’s trying to have a spa night and failing. Mostly because she’s undead, so her skin really doesn’t need anything else done to it. Make-up for vampires is purely for fun. They don’t need to moisturize, use concealer, or anything -serious-. It’s all color and no hard work. And as far as what Jessica’s saying goes, it’s a little vague. It sounds to me like she’s bored with her man. Poor Hoyt. He deserves better.
The Worst Spa Night Ever

The next episode is going to be pretty frigging insane. Apparently, Bill wants to kill Eric, and takes him out of Sookie’s house. I guess he’s jealous, –what with him running around incesting it up with Portia, –apparently, it’s not right that Sookie should be able to like anyone else. Oooh, for sure. Oh and it looks like Arlene’s house blows up. Oh, god, I hope Terry makes it! Oh… and there’s a full moon out that night.

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  2. Season 4 of True Blood is a let down. The mythology is totally wrong and I get upset about it, irrational I know but Witches are not Wiccans although some use the term, their beliefs and ways they do things are entirely different. A sorceress is not a witch.There are too many storylines going on at the same time. I would like them to get the Wiccan storyline resolved but would also like to see Eric and Sookie explore their feelings a little longer. Bill has become somewhat overbearing. I feel sorry for Pam, ego or not. Never liked the Tommy storyline at any level and glad to see the family gone. I think Sam was just trying to keep Tommy calm. He really didn’t have any family feelings for them but Tommy did and I feel underneath it all Sam does recognize a brother in Tommy. Tara is just Tara and I would like her shown to be less emotional and over-reactive about things. I think Alcide’s girlfriend is going back dark now that she knows Sookie is alive. Alan Ball needs to do better research before he airs certain aspects because I know he is alienating some of his viewers over the witches and his Vampire-kill site. I realize it is a work of fiction but still if it makes certain groups look stupid, they will get upset anyway. I wish they would introduce more vampires, those that control themselves and are more than a blood acquiring machine because the one’s they did have, they have killed off. I really liked the Godric character at the time he died, not as shown in the past. I would also like Jason portrayed with a little more intelligence. His stupidity is getting old. About Jesus’ accent. Those that have been in the US long enough loose their accent and it only becomes prominent when speaking Spanish words. Just how it is, so that is something that is common. I find Crystal and her family of cats totally disgusting and would like to see that end. It would be nice to see any depth in any of the characters at all. Jessica and Hoyt are getting crazy too with Jason brought into everything but was expecting that when Jess gave Jason her blood to heal him. And Hoyt’s Mother…no words at all about her. The baby part is the most entertaining to me at this time. I figured the lady Bill was seeing once they started talking about relatives was related, it was predictable. I’m bored with this season.

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