True Blood Season 4 Sneak Peek and Posters!

With Season 4 of True Blood starting in less than a month HBO is getting fans pumped up by revealing Season 4 sneak peeks, screencaps, posters, videos and much more. So many True Blood goodies to keep you entertained until the return of the fangtastic show on June 26! Woot! Here’s a look at some of the recent True Blood news HBO has tossed our way.

HBO has finally released the Season 4 cast posters! Yay! They also gave us a little teaser poster as well, but it’s the cast pictures that I am really loving.
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Where’d Sookie Go?
The first 3-minutes of True Blood Season 4 are now available at HBO GO! Don’t worry if you aren’t signed up at HBO Go because the video is also available on Youtube as well! Check it out below!

As you can see, in the video Sookie and Claudine appear in the Fairyland where Sookie quickly learns that Claudine is her Fairy Godmother. While in the magical world of the fae, Sookie comes across Barry who is also there with his super buff “Fairy Godmother,” Lloyd.

One of the fairies then offers Sookie the glowing fruit which Barry describes like “biting into pure happiness.” Before Sookie takes a bite herself she notices how people appear to crave for the light fruit and is then distracted when she suddenly she spots her grandad Earl Stackhouse (Gary Cole) who appears in a flashback giving her a fruit while she was only a little girl.

A cheery Sookie approaches Earl who does not recognize her because he thinks he just met her younger version a week before. But Sookie tells him that it happened 20 years ago. Then the clip ends. I haven’t read the Sookie books, but I have read loads of fairy books and know that you never eat food offered by the fae, because it traps you in their world where time is different. I’m guessing that’s what’s happening in this clip.

HBO GO is offering another sneak peek on the 5th, which I’m sure will also make its way to Youtube.

What do you guys think of the posters and sneak peek? Let us know in a comment below!

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