True Blood Season 4 – Soul of Fire

True Blood – Season 4 – Soul of Fire

Great episode; naturally there were a few things that peeved me, but, on the other hand, the body count alone, plus the mad action, made everything worthwhile. And this isn’t even the climax! We still have a hellacious shindig waiting for us in the next episode, you know, seeing as how it’s Halloween? Check out the recap!

What I Liked:

  • Marnie coming into full-on wicked witch status, which is what was originally intended, and thank goodness too, because it just makes more sense.
  • I know I probably should have mentioned this first, but I loved the increase in action this episode.
  • I still liked all Marcus, all the way up until the end. He wasn’t evil, he was just misguided, and he was always good to Emma, –yes, kidnapping is bad, but you never see him yell at her or hit her. They could have made him a lot more evil, but instead, they just made him manipulative white trash. Sigh.
  • Jason’s defensive outburst, I mentioned how much I loved this in the preview post I did earlier last week, but seeing it all come together was terrific.
  • Andy’s whole soliloquy out in the woods by himself; he’s horrendously funny, talking to himself, and acting all crazy.
  • Watching Bill go all vampire-Rambo, throwing the vampire robot around. That was hot.
  • Bill and Eric instantly willing to die for Sookie. It was so sweet and sad. Pam stopped them, thank god, but it resulted in a big fall-out between Pam and Eric.
  • Alcide and Sam, taking care of business, –even though they kill Marcus, it was necessary.  Sam kicks his ass, and he was more than willing to let Marcus live, but … he ended up pulling a gun, and Alcide finished it.
  • Jessica saving Jason, even though Bill would have, but I’m glad someone did, because he looked totally fried, poor guy.
  • Jesus’s badass brujo shit was pretty wicked, the demon in him seems like a party to be around, but I wonder how he’s going to cope in the next episode?
  • Sookie’s power is coming right along, I just hate the fairies that inevitably seem to come along with it. Ugh. But I like that she’s able to do something other than occasionally hear thoughts, to protect herself.
  • Arlene’s heart-to-heart with Andy Bellefleur. Seems like he really needed the sympathy, and it was sweet of her to have a nice talk with him. Especially since by now, Arlene is supposed to have turned into a total supernatural-bigot.
  • Watching Eric “go through” Roy. Finally.
What I Didn’t Like:
  • The attempt to make Jessica sound witty; whoever writes her lines is completely inane. And her hair looked horrible in this episode. I hate the ponytail + bump; it makes females look like brachiosaurs.
  • The show’s writers driving all these wedges between Eric and Pam, and Sookie and Pam, when really, Sookie and Pam got along fine in the books, and Eric rarely had to assert himself over her as her sire.
  • The Alcide/Debbie thing. Debbie never cheated(?), but she did really fuck up by letting Marcus into the house, and hanging out with him in her panties. But I think she deserved to have her side of the story told before she was “abjured”.
  • The return of the fairy bullshit. Omg. I was happy in the knowledge that we had left this shit behind us, a long time ago, but now…. they’re back. And in the next season, they’re going to use Andy like a damn tool. Which has already been done.
  • Not necessarily dislike, but a lot of people disappear in Bon Temps, and Shreveport; apparently, the Supes just have infinite space for bodies. Does anyone, ever, call the police?
  • Lafayette’s inability to keep nasty dead fuckers from possessing him. God, isn’t there a way to like, you know, keep from being possessed? They make it look like just any dead person can just pop right in, any time they like.

Inside the Episode

What’s Babyvamp Jessica saying? Bleh, there isn’t even a video. It’s another long personal anecdote followed by a short sentence or two that actually sounds on-topic, even if it is incredibly shallow. Why couldn’t Bill or Eric have a blog? That would be way better. Even Pam, or Andy, hell, -anyone- but the most badly written character on the show, please!?

Check out the preview for the True Blood Season 4 Finale “And When I Die”

Lafayette’s gonna go crazy, Eric and Bill are going to be burnt at the stake, and it looks dire for everyone, even Arlene, and the other members of the subplot brigade. The big question, and hope for me is:
With all this stuff going, is there some way the majority of the town can be saved without involving the fairies?

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