True Blood Season 4 – Spellbound

True Blood – Season 4 – Spellbound

Is it weird that part of me already misses True Blood? The season is winding down, and there’s been great action, but … it’s just so damn short. There are only four more episodes. They better make them damn good. On the flip side, I have noticed that the episodes are a little longer, though that may just be because the “previously on” scenes are kind of lengthy. As always kids, beware of spoilers, and check out the episode recap.

What I Liked:
  • Jessica doesn’t die, as I suspected, though I do think my best friend had already mentally placed her in the RIP post that we do at the end of each TB season.
  • I like Marcus a lot more than I thought I would, and I even sympathize over his parental issues, –honestly, who’s to say Luna wouldn’t be better off with Marcus than with Sam, considering some of the things Sam has done.
  • Eric and Sookie’s lengthy V-trip. It was just so sweet, and surreal. Wouldn’t it be nice to just lay around, having amazing sex in what looks like Narnia?
  • Hoyt’s dumping Jessica, –the real version. He was a lot stronger than I initially thought he would be, but I will admit that he got really mean.
  • Jason’s special way of getting Andy to at least somewhat and temporarily abandon his lust for V. His diatribe afterward was great though. I feel the same way Andy, trust me. Except for the addiction to heavy drugs.
  • Antonia trying to figure out the TV remote. That shit was funny.
  • Terry Bellefleur when he’s in kitchen-mode. He trips me out. If it was anyone else, he’d just be cranky and weird, but since it’s Terry, he’s just adorable.
  • Tommy’s version of Maxine Fortenberry, hilarious.
  • Sookie teaming up with Eric and Bill to fight the witches; it’s just a great “go team” moment.
  • Jason standing up to Jessica and telling her to gtfo after she breaks up with Hoyt. He really does have his moments of clear thinking.
What I Didn’t Like:
  • Finding out about the creepy babydoll, and the Creole ghost that goes with it. She pisses me off. Yes it’s sad, bad things happened, but that’s no excuse for stealing Arlene and Terry’s baby. And definitely no excuse for stealing Lafayette’s body.
  • The whole Jessica-Hoyt-Jason –and possibly Crystal –triangle that is developing. Hoyt is a big dude, Jason has a gun, and Jessica is too impulsive as a young vampire. It might get ugly.
  • Tommy Mickens and his whole bullshit ordeal. He needs to just get his shit together and move on, away from Bon Temps. Or Sam could just forgive him and they could continue trying to work things out. Either way, something has to happen to redeem this kid.
  • Tara, once again, getting a second chance at being a halfway decent friend. Bill lets her live, but honestly, Pam should have just flicked her head off, and ate whatever popped out of her neck like Pez.
  • Alcide and his whole ordeal with Debbie. I get that he saved Sookie and that was necessary, –but. He promised Debbie, and she has done a lot to change for the better. Not to mention he commended Marcus on wanting to stay out of the vampire issue, then went off and got involved. And really hurt Debbie’s feelings too. Now she’s going to crack.
  • Eric turning into Antonia’s bitch. This -really- displeases me. Seriously. Now he’s going to start acting all kinds of crazy. And Bill’s going to catch the heat because he didn’t just kill Eric when he had the chance.

Read the full HBO synopsis.

What’s Babyvamp Jessica Saying? Well, hopefully, something along the lines of “I probably had this coming.” But not really. She’s actually complaining about being homeless, which is total bullshit, seeing as how her daddy, Bill, is King of the frigging state. I seriously doubt he’s going to mind giving up one room in his giant god damn mansion. She’s just being a big baby. While we’re waiting for Jessica to grow a figurative pair, check out the preview for the next episode of True Blood.

The big question for tonight’s episode:
Do you think Terry’s going to wake up and punch Lafayette in the face when he catches the crazy possessed black guy in his house, stealing his baby? Just think, –it could have been your TV, Terry!

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  3. Who knew you were a racist…that comment at the end went too far. Maybe you should have someone read your jokes.

  4. I really liked this episode. I thought it was written well and I hate to overuse the word but “cohesive” compared to some of the episodes that can seem to feel scattered with no real purpose (like much of Season 3). I’m really wondering if there was a reason for all the fairy stuff early in the season now. Was there more and the reaction from fans wasn’t as good as hoped so they shelved it?

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