True Blood Season 6: Eric and Alcide Waiting Sucks Videos

True Blood Season 6 won’t officially arrive until June 16, but HBO is getting us excited by continuing the ever-popular “Waiting Sucks” series of behind-the-scenes teases. We’ve already seen the video of Jason Stackhouse and since then HBO has posted two more videos, one of Alcide and one of Eric. Check them out!

ericEric’s video sees Amelia Rose Blaire as Willa, daughter to Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell, as she meets with Eric to warn him of human experimentation on vampires. This does not make Eric happy.

As for Alcide’s video, it’s all about wolf pack drama and taking a risk by helping the little one. Apparently they are hiding from someone – but who?

Watch the videos yourself and let us know what you think.

Check out Eric’s Waiting Sucks video:

And here is Alcide’s:

So, Alcide’s wasn’t really all that spectacular. But Eric’s does give us a peek at a potential plotline – vampire experimentation. It’s not the first time I have come across this plotline in vampire fiction, but in spite of that I am excited about seeing it in True Blood. It has potential to be a damn good storyline. Hopefully there won’t be 85038095803 thousand plotlines this season. It would be nice to focus on a couple good ones.

In other random True Blood news – Mark Hudis, who replaced Alan Ball as showrunner, has stepped down and given that role to Brian Buckner. Hopefully he puts the show back on track and fixes the mess Ball created.

– Moonlight

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