True Blood Season 6: ‘Jason’ Waiting Sucks Video

300.ab.Kwanten.ryan.071610It’s that time of year again! That time when HBO teases us with behind-the-scenes videos of what’s to come in the upcoming season of True Blood. Season 6 of our beloved vampire show will return June 16, and until then, we will be getting plenty of sneak peeks from HBO – like the one we just got! That’s right! We have a clip of Season 6 for your viewing pleasure.  The first ‘Waiting Sucks’ clip is of Sookie protecting Nora from Jason. Hmmm… Check it out.


Jason: Waiting Sucks

What do you think? I am curious about why Jason would think Nora knows about Warlow.

In other True Blood news…

Curious about the first episode of Season 6, titled Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood? Well, a summary of the episode has been revealed over on the True Blood wikia, and I have it for you below. BIG SPOILERS!

Seriously! Spoilers!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig spoilers!

Here it is…

“Seeing as Bill has been made a god along with Lilith, Eric and Sookie have a real dilemma on their hands. Bill has the powers equivalent to an 8,000 year old vampire. Together, Eric and Sookie have to use a spell provided by Lafayette and Jesus’ ghost to captivate Bill in a tomb for protection for the entire vampire species because he is rewired to bring the true death to all vampires; including Jessica.

Tara, with her newfound (public) feelings for Pam (and Pam for her), return to “Fangtasia” with high hopes and plan for a long life of traveling the world together. As Pam opens the door, she sees that Fangatsia has been renovated by a new vampire named Analia (300). She and Pam fight, but because of Analia’s age, she prevails. Analia banishes Pam and Tara, and they move in with Sookie until “We find a better shit hole to live in”, Pam says.”

I am not sure if this summary is accurate or not, but it sounds like it probably is.


– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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  1. OK What does Lilith hate the hybrid new age Vampires now? What is this eldest Vampires killing human hybrid Vampires shit? I am really not happy with were this is going; WTF True Blood? You are usually more accurate than this But Lilith would never kill her Children, then again there are always surprises I hope it gets better but the end of Season 5 kind of ruined it for me (although Bill becoming like Lilith was a nice touch for such a youngin)…

  2. Lol looking back on this it WOULD have been better if it were wrote like that.
    I had a sense of actual fear for the characters from “Billith” (and Warlow to some extent) before they randomly just had Bill almost do a full 360 not just within season 6, but in the first EPISODE of season 6.
    Whatever he morphed into when season 5 concluded was a monster (and it even stayed true to that until the titles rolled), but then he seemed to randomly (and literally) “shrug” off Lilith (as seen by the blood dust in his room iirc) and reverted straight back to plain old Bill again, granted with a lot of power, but most of it was under control.

    Had he been placed in a tomb (or whatever) it would have still kept him/her as a valid threat while he gets an episode or two of just going full on crazy which season 5 did a good job of making him up to be with his personality change along with Salome’s influence.
    As for Warlow, I think he could have (with the same actor as I grew fond of him) be wrote so much better, the connection between him and Lilith wasn’t nearly explained well enough, 2 maybe 3 flashbacks isn’t enough for all Vampire/Fae kind which Lilith is although he doesn’t appear to be the first Vampire Lilith created obviously as she even says “You are destined to save Vampire kind” which obviously implies she and then others have clearly made others, although Warlow apparently had zero interest in changing anyone else to Vampire (with the one obvious exception).
    And come to think of it, I don’t think her fairy light ball supernova would even work against him given he has total immunity to the sun (as does anyone who has his blood while he’s still alive for some undisclosed amount of time, if not forever).
    I also HATE Nicole….god I wish Luna would have stayed in it; absolutely detest her character more than anyone else in the entire True Blood universe….

    Forgive me, I ranted. <

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