True Blood Season Finale – And When I Die

True Blood – Season 4 Finale – And When I Die

Wow. Just, wow. Most of this finale was just wrapping things up; the whole sequence with Marnie and Lafayette and Jesus didn’t actually last that long. Once that was over, at about the halfway mark, they got busy establishing peeks into the new subplots and such that are going to be popping up in season 5. And even though those were great, there was an entire 15 minutes or so in there that was pretty much plain old filler. Check out the finale’s recap.

What I Liked:
  • Maxine’s heart to heart with Sam; they were overdue for showing some sort of sincerity to Maxine Fortenberry.
  • That Jason finally told Hoyt that he’s been screwing Jessica. It was the right thing to do, as he told Jessica later, although Jessica has serious issues with morality, what with being a giant redneck vampire Jezebel and all.
  • I like that Hoyt didn’t just get pushed around. Jason had that ass kickin’ coming, even though he was just trying to do what he thought was best the whole time.
  • How cool were Arlene and Terry’s Halloween costumes? I loved the zombie couple!
  • Kevin Alejandro’s dramatic last hour in the role of Jesus Velasquez. He’s a superb actor, and I hope to see him in more than just a short moment as an extra in Red State in the future.
  • Holly’s moment as a pot smoking purple/pink fairy, when she’s talking about Halloween.
  • Getting to see everybody popping up out of their graves was pretty cool, and we loved getting a last moment with Adele Stackhouse.
  • That includes Rene Lenier/Drew Marshall, he’s still a devious shithead, but it was still nice to see him again, fake accent and all.
  • Ginger and Pam; Pam definitely needed a hug, and who better than sweet, clueless, Ginger to administer one. It was a super cute moment.
  • Holly and Andy; he needs a girlfriend, and it’s nice to see that he’s straight again. Hugs all around, people!
  • The re-appearance of Steve Newlin, holy crap, he’s a vampire! And he’s looking at Jason’s junk like… er… he wants to eat it. I wonder in what sense?
  • The “gay storm troopers” line, and Eric and Bill’s dispatch of Nan Flanagan & Co.. It was great. Especially Bill’s victory line, “WE ARE NOT FUCKING PUPPY DOGS!” and Eric’s “What a bitch.” The whole scene left nothing to be desired.
What I Didn’t Like:
  • The 15 to 20 minutes in this episode, after the whole Marnie thing, when pretty much nothing was going on. Just character round-up; everyone getting their relationship statuses established, and a few seconds of putting them in danger in order for season 5 to make a strong comeback.
  • Jesus dying. He was far from my favorite character, but I’ll miss him.
  • The fact that Marnie doesn’t end up going to Hell or even experiencing some form of afterlife justice. I mean, she killed how many innocent people? And she’s escorted into death by Gramma and Antonia? Apparently, even the afterlife is unfair.
  • I like Jessica less and less as the show progresses. Hoyt and Jason have gone through Hell for her, and she just treats them like disposable douches. Insert in pussy, and discard after use.
  • How no one seems to be able to agree on how to pronounce “Samhain”, and just Wiccans in general. I hope they’re gone for a while.
  • Alcide’s big gushy moment with Sookie. Man up, dude. You -just- abjured Debbie the other night.
  • Jason, being turned into Jessica’s bitch. He’s already been gang-raped by rednecks this season, now he’s some slut vampire’s boytoy? Jason isn’t having a good year.
  • Sookie’s decision to be single; I get it, it makes sense, but I don’t have to like it.
  • Debbie getting blown away. She was doing so well. All over Alcide, and I’m sorry, but sure, Debbie was jealous, but Alcide knew that obsessing over Sookie was wrong, and he’s partially at fault too for the whole mess.
A Few Thoughts on the Next Season 
  • I really doubt Tara’s going to be full-on dead next season. They really love punishing us with her character. You know how, at the end of Hook, Captain Hook says, “What would the world be like, without Captain Hook?” It’s like that. Even though, the giant crocodile clock falls on him.
  • There’ll be a Terry-centric subplot, as indicated by the introduction of this shady new character from his past.
  • Reverend Steve Newlin 2.0 is going to be causing problems for Jason.
  • Pam and Sookie might find themselves at odds with each other.
  • Bill and Eric are going to have to unite despite some competition for Sookie, in order to save mutual asses from the Authority, and from a fresh from the concrete parking garage, Russell Edgington.
  • Lafayette will probably spend the next season coming to terms with his new power; as a medium, and having a Mexican demon in him.
  • Sam’s going to get eaten by a werewolf! Just kidding. I do think he’ll have serious were-drama on his hands though.
  • It may be the last season, since the 5th book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series is notoriously known as one of the most boring. They’re going to have to amp the 5th season up if they’re going to make the show last. My guess is, they’ll probably do this with more fairy bullshit. Gag.
Inside the Episode

Goodbye, is what she’s saying. Thank god. I’m sure there’s a message about female empowerment somewhere in her less than 30 second long video blog, which basically consists of her taking curlers out of her hair. But I really don’t get it. And that’s it! Stay tuned to for True Blood news, cast updates, and my Season 4 memorial post.
Do you think Tara should be added to the list of this season’s casualties, or not? Your votes will determine whether or not she’s added to my big list of DEATH!

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  3. Personally I think Jessica gets a bum rap. She’s behaving in ways no way near as seriously WRONG as have Eric, Jason, Bill and others–yet they get a pass while the much younger (and therefore less mature) female gets called names.

    1. I agree. I think Jessica acts just like any normal, confused woman coming into her own. Obviously more bloody and violent than the average woman, but she is a realistic character in my opinion.

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