True Blood Shopping: Buy True Blood Everything!

You’ve seen Tru-Blood, the ‘blood orange’ soda that has the kiddies going crazy, and of course the incredibly expensive True Blood jewelry line, –as well as the not-so-expensive jewelry on HBO’s official True Blood merchandise store. But there are about a thousand different things you can find out there, with witty True Blood-isms on them, or Eric’s face silk-screened onto them, including panties. Out of the millions of gifts, T-shirts, and products, these are just a few of my favorites.

The True Blood Light-switch Cover – It’s actually pretty classy. Classic True Blood ‘True Lips’ logo… with a light-switch protruding from the mouth and chin area.

A real live Merlotte’s apron – Imagine the fun you can have, dressing up as a Merlotte’s waitress… whether it’s Halloween, or you feel like giving your special guy, –or girl, a real True Blood fantasy.

Designer Hammitt Handbags Inspired by True Blood Characters – There’s a bag for each of your favorite characters, –Sookie, Lafayette, Eric, Alcide, even one inspired by Fangtasia… and not one of them is under $400.

The True Blood White Dress – I don’t know if this was ‘inspired’ by True Blood, or modeled after one of Sookie’s dresses, mainly because… I’m not paying -that- much attention to Sookie’s clothes.

Tru-Blood Bar Sign – This is something I’d definitely put in my living room window. And I’d turn it on every Sunday night, during each episode. Just so everyone knows… I’m a total fangbanger. Rumor has it, there’s a Merlotte’s sign too.

Teacup Human Baby Onesie – Possibly my favorite in all the merchandise for True Blood; at least, one of my favorites. Mostly because I don’t really like children and feel pretty much the same way Pam does about them.

‘We Saw the Pig Too’ Refrigerator Magnet – Only because it struck me as hilarious; the magnet says “We believe you Andy, we saw the pig too.” Love it!

The Bill and Sookie Statue – Normally, knick-knacks do nothing for me; I’m not about to become a grandma type. But this is one piece of fine porcelain that I might indulge in placing on my mantelpiece.

The Eric Northman Blanket – Yep, grab your sexy Eric Northman blankie, take a nap, and have sweet, sweet dreams… And if you’ve been missing out on sleep-sex with Eric Northman, then this blanket will definitely bring you back to your own private Dreamland.

True Blood Inspired Black Crystal Chandelier – This is a gorgeous piece for the home; perfect in a dining, living, or family room, and if you’re serious about dark, vampire theme decor, this is one fixture you can’t possibly live without. And it’s cheaper than one of the True Blood inspired Hammitt bags!

True Blood Set; Queen Sophie’s ‘Palace’ – That’s right, –Queen Sophie’s gorgeous ‘day room’, and the rest of the house, is up for sale. And it’s only going to cost you $75 million! That’s a steal.


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