True Blood Sunday Presents: Behind the Scenes of Season 3

Ahhhh! Waiting DOES suck! What a bunch of teases, giving us nothing more than that painfully short clip of True Blood season 3. But it’s exciting none the less, something is better than nothing… I guess.

According to the official True Blood website, after each season 2 encore episode (airing Sundays at 8pm) they’ll show us hungry fans one of their “In Production” videos from the upcoming season 3. So until the show comes back June 13 we get these tiny sneak peeks at season 3, which is pretty cool of them.

After this first clip I have to say I am pretty curious and excited about what’s up ahead. Why does Sookie have a gun? Who is she pointing it at? Why is Eric covered in blood? Who is he yelling at? Ahhh so many damn questions! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you want to re-watch season 2 of True Blood and don’t feel like waiting every Sunday to do so… well, you’re out of luck I’m afraid. Season 2 won’t come out on DVD and Blu-Ray until MAY 25! Grr. But you can always get super geeked like me and pre-order it on Amazon.

For those that need a refresher on season 2:

“Welcome back to Bon Temps, home to mystery, Southern sensuality and dark secrets. For Sookie Stackhouse, life is more dangerous than ever after she and Bill become more deeply involved. Meanwhile, Tara finds herself under a lover’s spell; Sam puts his trust in an unlikely ally; Jason becomes involved with an anti-vampire sect; Eric becomes interested in Sookie after he recruits her to investigate the disappearance of his 2,000-year-old maker; and Maryann is revealed to possess a power that can control almost everyone in town. Then, after making a shocking discovery, Sookie, Bill and Sam must form the last line of defense against a diabolical plan that raises this award-winning series to bloody new heights.”

So until June 13 were stuck watching season 1 and 2 reruns. Booo! But at least they’re giving us some season 3 teasers, like the clips and this new promo picture (which kicks ass):

– Moonlight features True Blood Sunday every week as a fix for the  truest True Blood fans between seasons. We’re here for you every Sunday until Season 3 starts on June 13th.

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