True Blood Sunday Presents: Jessica Hamby

We really miss True Blood, so much in fact, that we decided that every Sunday, up until True Blood is re-instated as the best show ever!, that damn it, we’re going to talk about it. And what better day to start with, than Valentine’s Day? And what better character to start with, than Jessica Hamby? Her subplot is the latest little romance to blossom, unfold and well… I guess it isn’t quite collapsed just yet. I mean, what’s one murdered truck driver between lovers?

Jessica Hamby is Bill’s first, and only progeny. He created her as a punishment for his actions in saving Sookie from Longshadow, –Longshadow would have most likely been killed anyway for stealing from a fellow vampire, and Sookie proved a valuable resource in his discovery. But Bill isn’t keen on revealing Sookie’s special talents to the hierarchy of vampire society, so he kept that bit to himself.

As a consequence, he was required to kill a human, and create a vampire, presumably to replace the one that he snuffed out. Jessica was the result. It is also among the character’s unique qualities, that she isn’t in any of the original Sookie Stackhouse novels. She’s a creation entirely of the writers, –and most fans of the books and the show, agree that she’s awesome. Which, is not what usually happens when a producer deviates from the novel storyline in a film or TV show.

Jessica started out as volatile, and cranky, –you know, like any teenager. She gradually became a little more ladylike with the help of Bill, with Sookie as backup. Eventually, she met Hoyt Fortenberry, about midway through the second season. But with a maenad taking over the town and turning everyone into debauchery driven zombies, they had kind of a rocky dating ritual. Eventually, Hoyt’s mother, Maxine Fortenberry, drove Jessica to the breaking point, and she snapped, and bit the batty old woman.

Hoyt left, leaving Jessica to have a complete emotional meltdown. Later however, Hoyt discovered that Jessica’s instincts about Maxine were probably more appropriate than he thought at first. Maxine admitted that she’d lied to him about his father’s death for insurance reasons, and for her own selfish reasons, had kept Hoyt from accomplishing anything in his life. Hoyt left, and went back to Jessica, but too late, –she was already off feeding on a trucker.

Another unfortunate side effect of Jessica’s vampire character, is that she died a virgin. Vampires heal; so each time she has sex, she experiences it “for the first time”, at least physically, which means it will always be a painful experience. Hoyt, in his perpetual charm, explained that there were other ways to enjoy being intimate, without having sex. But before they could have any adventures in foreplay, Hoyt’s mama screwed everything up. As it stands, Hoyt is willing to apologize, and Jessica is off killing people. What do you think will happen with those two in the third season? features True Blood Sunday every week as a fix for the  truest True Blood fans between seasons. We’re here for you every Sunday until Season 3 starts on June 13th.

By annimi

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  2. I’m pretty sure True Blood Season 3 comes out in June. Not sure what date. But thats the same time all the other seasons came out.

  3. If your familiar with the charlene harris series you would know that alec ball has taken these charesters to a whole knew level Hell lafyette dies in the first book I love what he has done to bring the story to such a visual high! The last few episodes all I keep saying is kill bill but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt I always new Eric would be the consement hero

  4. An interesting subplot is Jessica’s marriage to her human boyfriend. Are human /vampire marriages even LEGAL in this hypothetical America???In reality there are NO legal reasons as to why vamps and humans cannot get married. The US Supreme Court struck down(declared unconstitutional) so-called “anti-miscegenation ” laws (laws criminalizing marriages between African Americans and Caucasians) in its landmark ruling of “Loving v.Virginia” in 1967( see the recent biopic “Loving” ) and more recently in Obergefell v Hodges did the same for gay marriage!

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