True Blood Sunday Presents: Season 3 Spoilers!

Oh yes, more goodies for season 3 of True Blood; it can’t possibly get any more yummy. And! Next Sunday is the first episode! Now, I have to put on my responsibility cape and wave my wand, –just for a second. I think the next season has been built up a lot, so it’s important that we don’t get too strung out, thinking the Ep. 1 is going to be the answer to all our prayers, –you have to keep watching, and suck it up if all your questions don’t get answered right away. But in the meantime, we have this nifty list of nine spoilers that might actually answer a few questions right away. I’ve weeded out some of the inconsequential trash, and only included the good stuff. And we’re starting with an extra-long Season 3 trailer; there are enough guns, werewolves, fangs, and lingerie to get you hopping around like a virgin at a prison rodeo. Oh, and the part where Jason asks about Santa will make you giggle.

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1. Sam will meet his biological family; and he has a brother, who may or may not be a shifter. And he’s going to be “successful”, according to the inside source.

2. Hotshot, is actually going to happen, –which is a big deal for fans of the book. Hotshot is a really tiny, really hicked out town full of shifters, –were-panthers, and you’ll be meeting Crystal and her family as well, but there’s no word on whether or not the Jason & Crystal thing is still going to happen.

3. Vampire politics are going to be more important in this episode; they’re bringing a lot of focus to the Vampire Rights Amendment to the Constitution, whereas in the book, it wasn’t as much of an issue.

4. Another tidbit for big fans of the books, –the King of Mississippi, Russel Edgington, is going to be in this season. Along with his boyfriend, Talbot. The characters will eventually wind up over in Mississippi, to find Bill, of course, but whether or not the scenario is the same remains unanswered, –as it should be.

5. Franklin Mott, who we also read about some in the books, is going to be involved with Tara this season, –but we’re going to get a closer look at their relationship than ever before. In the book, Mott got very little play, as did Tara, that’s a given, so it’ll be really awesome to see what goes on between these two.

6. Lafayette gets a boyfriend! And we meet his mama! Yayness! Lafayette wasn’t actually alive very long in the books, so the fact that he’s even here is always a welcome surprise. Meeting his mother, and a new boyfriend will be that much more thrilling.

7. Bill Compton makes it back to Bon Temps by the middle of the season, however, the relationship pretty much disintegrates from there on out. Alan Ball did everything but come right out say that they’re getting a divorce.

8. Alan Ball is enjoying working on the series, and says that there’s almost definitely going to be a few more years of the show. Hell, I’m just thrilled about there being a season 3, and even another season after this, especially after that unfortunate ‘Carnivale’ incident.

9. We finally find out what Sookie is! –That’s right, book-lovers, you know. Keep it a secret for the people who haven’t read the books. Oh and FYI, ‘what Sookie is’ has nothing really to do with her telepathy. At least, it doesn’t in the novels… Maybe it will in the show.

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