True Blood Sunday Presents: The First Mini-Ep, and Last In-Production Video

The first of six mini-episodes is out, part of the ‘Waiting Sucks’ campaign to bring us more more more! of our True Blood goodies, –also called a ‘Drop of True Blood.’ The webisodes haven’t been shown in Season 2, and won’t be shown in Season 3; in other words, Alan Ball made them special, just for us. Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it? The first of six Drops of True Blood is Eric & Pam; they’re watching auditions for new Fangtasia dancers. And wow, it’s really not going so well. The short episode was great, but I thought it was weird since you only ever see vampires dancing at Fangtasia.

The first of many ridiculous dancers is biker chick, then follows a cavalcade of stupidity, ending with an Eastern European chick wearing a fur stole over a bikini, and jeans. While the rest of us recognize the serious clash immediately, apparently, dressing like a Russian rap video groupie is really hot, because Eric and Pam are practically drooling for her. I think it’s her accent. The sexy little minx just strolls in and there’s actually a good language lesson in here. Want to look cool? Learn to say “good evening” in Russian, like her.

Yvetta says “Добрый вечер”

Pronounced: “Dobry Vecher”

Meaning: “Good evening.”

There now, walk around saying that, and no matter how much acne you have, you’ll still sound hot. In other news, the last In Production video was recently released, you can see it here, at HBO’s official True Blood website. We say ‘last’ and not ‘latest’ because apparently, this is the last to be released. The video features Sookie, shooting Eric, which is honestly kind of a rip off, since Eric’s video features… Eric being shot by Sookie. And fighting with some other guy, but still, the whole Sookie gun thing is in there too.

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