True Blood Sunday Presents: The Latest Southern Vampire Mystery

The second Sunday of True Blood celebration presents a quick bite of info on the latest book in the series that inspired the show. We’ll eventually take time out to review all of the Southern Vampires series by Charlaine Harris, but for the sake of fun, –let’s go backwards! Besides, fans everywhere are waiting for the latest book in the series, –because it’s due to be on bookstore shelves this May! That means there’s only a couple months to go! Yay!

The official website of Charlaine Harris offers all kinds of awesome information on what the author is up to next. Last month and earlier this month, she announced the chance for fans to come together and question Alan Ball about the show, to be used in ‘The Sookie Companion’, –a project due to come out next year. But we’ll bow down and worship that bridge when we come to it.

Currently on the website is a free preview, eek!, of the latest Southern Vampire Mystery: Dead in the Family. Sookie Stackhouse is convalescing from her latest battle, and despite the general turn of events for the better, –things are looking pretty depressing. Her roommate is moving out, and the men in her life are as complicated as ever. The next book, even from Chapter 1, appears to be full of romance, heartache, and melodrama. Yum!

The previous book released by Harris wasn’t really part of the general series, but was still an indispensable addition to the books. A Touch of Dead is a complete collection of Charlaine Harris’s various short stories featuring Sookie Stackhouse. Some of the stories, like Lucky, One Word Answer, Gift Wrap, and Dracula Night, you might have read in other anthologies, such as Between Dark and Daylight, Unusual Suspects, and Many Bloody Returns. There are only five stories in the entire book, as Harris does not include her other short stories set in the “Sookieverse” that do not actually feature Sookie Stackhouse.

Altogether, a great couple of books were released most recently in the line, despite the anthology or novella collection being so limited. The other short stories that don’t feature Sookie can be found in other anthologies, such as Must Love Hellhounds, Death’s Excellent Vacation, Strange Brew, and others that Harris has edited. features True Blood Sunday every week as a fix for the  truest True Blood fans between seasons. We’re here for you every Sunday until Season 3 starts on June 13th.

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