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True Blood: Ultimate Fan Experience Q & A

Were you there?  Let us know how your experience was if you made it to one of the 50 live theater events.  I didn’t get an invitation myself so wasn’t able to make it but I did stay up late (don’t we anyway?) to watch the live Q & A session with Alan Ball and cast which aired at 1AM eastern time.  I caught it streaming online, to catch the lively chat from more than 2,000+ followers there to participate.  It was the closest I was able to come to being there, which I can only imagine was a far stretch from being anything close to partying with other fans in person.  Thanks to, I found videos of the Q & A session.  I hope you enjoy.

edit: HBO has placed the Q & A online and you can watch it full screen here

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Veritas • June 3, 2010

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