True Blood Videos – So What’s Up with Jason, Bill and Eric?

That’s right, boys and squirrels, we’ve got all new (possibly) never before seen video clips of the next episode of True Blood: three total, and all of them rule!

Crystal Comforts Jason

I dunno about you guys, but towards the end, Jason didn’t exactly sound “comforted”. I’m surprised he still doesn’t get that they’re fixing to turn him into a werepanther. I mean, the last episode seemed pretty clear on that to me. I also wonder if Crystal will be meeting her demise in this season, –or if they’re saving that for the next one. Or who knows, really. All things considered, Lafayette was supposed to die ages ago, and he’s still kicking. Maybe Crystal will survive too. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I hope she bites it because she turns into a massive bitch (trust me people, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet) but on the other, that means that Arlene will end up turning psycho pretty soon. That sucks, because she’s such a great character. Although, i can see why she might lose it: this whole baby thing has her totally tweaking out.

Tara and Lafayette Discuss Eric

Sing it, Lafayette! Preach on! God knows, you have OFFICIALLY been fucked in the ass, in the bad, figurative way, by your new boyfriend. This guy is going to be a majorly bad influence. I can see it now: Jesus is totally going to encourage Lafayette to join some kind of doomed attempt to fight the vampires and continue practicing necromancy. I just hope it doesn’t get him killed. Meanwhile, Tara, the ultimate obnoxious chick, is all “waaah, waaah, waaah, I got attacked by a vampire” …while Marnie is over there, bleeding out. Puh-lease. You didn’t even get bit. Stop whining. If anyone major dies this season, please, Gods of True Blood, let it be Tara. I am so sick of her constantly being such a scene-stealer. But it was way nice to see Lafayette steal the floor, and tell everyone “Hey, y’all just fucked up big” for a change.

Bill Metes Out Punishment

Well, that’s what happens when you act like an asshole. Still… I guess we don’t know the details. But vampires are going through tough times, what with Russell Edgington ripping out a news anchor’s heart on live national television. And then telling everyone that vampires want to eat children. So all the fangers have to be on their best behavior, and good behavior isn’t making food porn and then getting caught. It is a little extreme though, but again, if he killed the human, or sold the tape, or acted like a jerk, then… he probably deserves it. Besides, if other vampires found out, then humans can too. Which unfortunately does make the guy a liability. And is it just me, or does Bill seem to be… getting a tad more arrogant?

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