True Blood’s ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’

I’m late, I’m late! Oh noes! Yes, my True Blood update is a few days late this week – bad bad me. Ah well. I caught the latest episode, “Let’s Boot and Rally,” which means we can finally commence the criticizing. And let’s begin shall we…

Let’s Boot and Rally” episode description:

“Time is running out so when Bill and Eric can’t find Russell, they turn to Sookie for help. Lafayette seeks out Jesus’ spirit. Terry and Patrick find themselves hostages. Jason has to deal with after effects of a troubling dream. Jessica decides to give Tara some guidance. Sam has bad news for Luna.”

I actually liked this episode! The past few episodes have been incredibly disappointing, but this one was great. The story actually moved forward this time and focused on the main plots at hand. Plus Sookie was a badass the entire episode, I actually liked her for a change. I didn’t like that Luna and Sam were shot, that was something I could have done without. But overall, it was an awesome episode.

Here are the moments I liked and disliked:


  • Alcide’s abs… how can you not like that?
  • Sookie’s morbid but upbeat personality. Her taking charge rocked too.
  • Tara getting all glammed up.
  • MOLLY! I love Molly (the vampire who put the crosses of doom on Eric and Bill). She’s fun and has the coolest personality on the show.
  • The ifrit is pretty badass. It’s not a good thing, but it looks awesome.


  • Sookie throwing up on poor Alcide… ewww.
  • Jason’s newfound hatred for the supernatural.
  • Hoyt being a fangbanger. It’s ridiculous and he’s annoying as all hell.
  • Luna and Same getting shot and Luna (probably) dying! NoOOooooOO! That bummed me out big time. And poor little wolf!
  • The whole thing about “sups” being hunted.

What did you think of the episode?

– Moonlight

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