TrueBlood, Season 1, Episode 10

Sam wakes up to a screaming Sookie, and the sexy naked bar owner flops around for a moment before Sookie settles far away, and tells him to leave; very loudly. While Sam tries to explain, Sookie misunderstands, and thinks Sam is the murderer, before she clocks him one, and takes off to hide in the bathroom, behind the shower curtain with the back scrubber as her only weapon. The door creaks open and in trots the collie, who, before Sookie’s eyes, turns into Sam! He swears he’s not the killer and tells Sookie he’s a shapeshifter, to which she responds, “Shut the fuck up”, in a ladylike display of disbelief. Then there’s the theme song; Jace Everett’s sexy ‘Bad Things’.

Meanwhile, at the Magic Schoolbus, Miss Jeanette sits with Tara while they prepare for her exorcism, and chastises her for asking too many questions. Miss Jeanette takes Tara’s hand, and spits in it, to which Tara exclaims, “You nasty bitch!” –I almost died laughing. Miss Jeanette mixes herbs with the spit, and directs Tara to hold her hand over the fire, while she throws the rest of the Angelica root into the fire, claiming it’s stronger than holy water. She claims that there’s poisons oozing out of Tara’s pores, and that it’s all the pollution and technology that carries the demons into folks, and tells Tara to rub what’s in her hand on her face, especially around her eyes. Then she opens a small brown bottle, and tells Tara to drink it; Tara asks and Miss Jeanette tells her it’s Snake Juice, not because it’s made from snakes but because it snakes down into you, and rips the evil out.

P3While Tara drinks the bottle of Snake Juice, Amy is draining poor Eddie, who murmurs weakly while trying to sleep; he says Jason’s name, and Amy warns him not to think about Jason, because he’s “hers”. Eddie tells her that it isn’t like that, and that Jason is a good person, who isn’t planning to kill him once he’s of no use to her anymore. Amy gets pissy, telling Eddie how she helped some Guatemalans build a fountain or some shit, and that she’s an organic vegan with a tiny carbon footprint, and so on, that he has no right to act morally superior. Can’t blame a guy for being a little pissed off since she’s um, going to kill the poor bastard! While looking for tape to seal up poor Eddie, Amy finds empty TrueBlood bottles in a drawer. Eddie tells her that Jason only fed him because he was half dead, when Amy starts getting pissed off that Jason is “with-holding”, and that he said he thought she might be “the one”. Eddie warns her that if he dies there, that Jason will never forgive her because he’s not as “evolved” as she is.

On Bill’s porch, Sookie asks Sam all about being a “shifter” as they prefer to be called. Sam explains that he grew up with an adopted family and they didn’t talk about it, that he can turn into any animal but prefers dogs, and Sookie disgustedly says that she used to scratch his belly in the parking lot of the bar. Sam laughs and tells her that wasn’t him, it was a real dog; he explains that he needs a real live animal to see and touch so that he can shift. When Sookie asks, Sam tells her no, that he can’t change into other people because they’re too complex. He also explains that it wears off if he sleeps, and that on the full moon, he can’t help but shift; Sookie makes a conversational faux pas and compares him to a werewolf. Sam, offended, tells her that werewolves are dangerous and nasty, and tells her not to call him that. Sookie, shocked, asks “Werewolves exist too?!” then asks what else is there; Sam simply replies, “More than you can imagine.” It’s a lot to take in, and Sookie walks off to think, weirded out, and maybe even angry.

P5Sam follows her and she starts flipping out, asking if a werewolf killed her gramma; by Sam’s expression, you can tell he thinks it’s pretty unlikely, though possible. Sookie starts crying, because Sam’s a shifter, and Bill’s been dragged off by vampires. Sookie spends a ridiculous amount of time crying, or shocked, or surprised; at some point, it would be nice if she could just relax and go with the flow. When he tries to touch her, Sookie jerks away from Sam, and he tells her that he thought she’d understand; not because she’s dating a vampire, but because she knows what it’s like to live with a secret. Sookie stomps off, angry that he didn’t tell her before, even though Sam tells her that he’s wanted to for years. She slams the door and leaves Sam alone on the porch, unhappy and confused.

Meanwhile, Miss Jeanette is circling a twitching and convulsing Tara on the ground, and she tells Tara not to fight, and just to let the demon come out. Tara sits up and vomits as Miss Jeanette calls the demon out to take shape, and show itself. As Tara stares past the fire, wiping her mouth, a little girl appears; a younger Tara with all black eyes. Miss Jeanette tells Tara that it’s the demon, gives Tara her ceremonial knife, and tells Tara to destroy it. Tara stabs at it and sees blood dripping off the knife, before dropping the blade, crying and shocked. Miss Jeanette gets up and goes to her, calming her and reassuring Tara that the demon is gone. At Jason’s house, while he fiddles with his hair, Amy gives him a cup of coffee and sits on the toilet seat before stating “We need to talk about Eddie.” Jason looks as if he’s expecting a big ordeal, but Amy tells him that she thinks they should treat him better, though they can’t let him leave, and tells him her plan for the two of them to help him develop Stockholm’s Syndrome. Oh yeah, because generally, supernaturally strong monsters who drink blood have very flexible emotional states.

P7Amy goes on a long rambling explanation of how awesome it would be to get Eddie to love them, and eventually be one big happy family. The giddy way in which she gets Jason all excited seems a little too exuberant. For example if a particular asshole of a parent were to build up how awesome it would be to get a puppy, then at the end says, “Well, you can’t have one! Ha!” Amy’s speech is like a precursor to an equally malignant revelation, except she hasn’t yet delivered. Amy is in general, a creepy broad; let’s see what kind of wacky shit she pulls out of her “big bag of crazy” next. Before kissing Jason, she claims she wants to go to the store to get Eddie some more TrueBlood, then leaves Jason to his narcissism in the bathroom mirror. Oh yes, you pretty little man, you’re gorgeous. Across town, Tara wakes her mother, Lettie Mae, and tells her that she’s had the exorcism; ‘yes mama, I let a bald woman spit on me, and then I rubbed it into my face, drank Snake Juice, and killed me a hallucination. I feel so much better now!’

Tara tearfully tells her mama that it worked, and the two embrace, thanking Jesus for the bald voodoo woman. Tara insists on taking her mama out to celebrate for breakfast to some restaurant over in some town, neither of which I can spell or pronounce. At Merlotte’s, everyone is setting up for Arlene and Rene’s engagement party, while Sookie is rolling a nice big guilt trip on Sam, using poor Terry Bellefleur as her instrument of torture, by telling him pointedly how nice and reliable he is, with no “nasty surprises”. Meanwhile, Sam grumbles nearby and probably plans out an attempt to slip Sookie a big dose of Prozac later on. Arlene shows up and describes to Sam in painstaking detail how she, the woman who’s been married four times, wants her engagement party outside a bar, not to look like a hillbilly redneck affair. A perfectly reasonable request, no? Terry suggests that she wants it kinda like a debutante ball, and she exclaims happily that he’s right, and while Terry talks about families a little more, Sam thinks of his own.

P9Flashing back to his own childhood, during which he looked absolutely nothing like he does now, Sam remembers the first time he shifted. While the younger version of Sam sits in front of a yapping puppy, he seems to suffer a fit of epilepsy, before jumping up, running outside, and turning into an identical dog from the one carrying on inside. Meanwhile, his parents look on as though they’ve just unwittingly eaten some Magic Mushrooms. Sam is jerked out of his unpleasant trip down Memory Lane, ending at Malfunction Junction (thankfully the journey didn’t include any stops at Masturbation Station), by Arlene who is quickly becoming something of a redneck Bridezilla, reminding him not to put the green lanterns next to the red ones. While Sam decorates, Lafayette is watching an old black and white film, encouraging the seductress while waxing his chest. A politician type gentleman approaches and knocks; Lafayette rips the wax strip off his chest and gets the door.

The unnamed politician pulls out a wad of cash and tells Lafayette he wants V juice, but Lafayette tells the old guy he’s sold out, much to his disappointment. Apparently, the old fart has a speech tonight; Lafayette takes the cash, drops to his knees, and offers to help him out. In Tara’s car, Lettie Mae eats one of Mamma’s Mud Bugs, aka, crawdads, by ripping off its head, sucking out its guts, and biting off a chunk of tail. Yummy. Sucking on the heads wasn’t the best idea, I guess though, since Lettie Mae starts making noises that can only mean one thing: the barfing of a few crawdads. Tara tells her she’ll find a drug store for some Pepto, and really, is there anything better than a big drink of pink liquid chalk after sucking down crawdad guts? At the drug store, Tara asks a woman on a stepladder with her back turned where the Pepto is, and when the woman turns around, it’s Miss Jeanette, wearing a wig and red rimmed glasses. Uh oh. Tara recognizes her, and confronts her, mad as hell.

P11Miss Jeanette/whoever, tells Tara what was in the ‘snake juice’, which was just a little peyote and some ipecac syrup. The fake voodoo woman tells Tara why she does it, explaining that she has one son in jail, another in Iraq, and grandkids to take care, and that, despite her fake voodoo ritual, it worked, but Tara storms off without even buying any Pepto. She angrily starts the car, and tells the nauseous Lettie Mae that they were out. At Arlene’s engagement party, the whole crowd of regulars are there while Rene and Arlene dance, and the surprisingly halfway pro band that Sam paid for rocks out on stage. Terry approaches Sookie, and tells her he’d ask her to dance but he doesn’t, and the two discuss how much it sucks to be antisocial freaks. Sookie tells Terry that she wishes Bill was there, and Terry tells her that there are a few dead people he wishes were still around too. Poor Terry; he needs a big hug.

In an abandoned lot, vampires convene around another chained vampire in the middle of their circle, having his fangs pulled out with pliers by a bitchy but enthusiastic looking female vampire. A John Waters vampire-look-alike, clearly the man in charge, watches over the proceedings while fiddling with something like a PalmPilot, looking smug, satisfied, and vaguely bored. The vampire being punished was convicted of feeding off of a human who belonged to another vampire; once his punishment of de-fanging, and starvation for three months is justly delivered, the vampire in charge calls Eric Northman to bring in his murderer. Bill is pushed to the front by one of the vampire flunkies, and a coffin is rolled along with him, draped with chains. In Jason’s basement, the blonde but muscled puppy dog feeds Eddie more TrueBlood through a straw. He tells Eddie that it’s nice not having to sneak it, and that he and Amy want Eddie to live with them, and get to like them. But Eddie tells Jason that Amy found the bottles of TrueBlood that Jason had been sneaking him; Eddie tells Jason exactly what Amy said, and Jason, realizing that the vampire is telling the truth, gets pissed.

P13Eddie tells Jason that Amy is playing him, but Jason denies it, and Eddie tells him flat out that Amy is planning to kill him, and that she’s a psychopath again. Amy interrupts then, coming down the stairs to get Jason, and then seems to enthusiastically offer Eddie a little TV for him to watch. Eddie rolls his eyes in response, and Jason follows Amy upstairs, telling Eddie on the way up, “You’re wrong about her.” The vampire watches them leave, but hears his cell phone ringing; it’s Lafayette, worried and calling from Eddie’s house as he looks around at the scene of the crime. The door left open, and the broken remote on the rumpled rug in an otherwise pristine house, point to Eddie’s kidnapping, and Lafayette immediately and very angrily, suspects Jason Stackhouse. Over at Merlotte’s Arlene who is thoroughly enjoying her engagement party, needs a break from dancing so she sends Rene over to ask the taciturn and depressed Sookie to dance. Rene pulls Sookie up, and the two talk a little; Rene tells her that he doesn’t have anything against vampires, but thinks that Sookie is a good girl and deserves better.

Before Sookie can respond, Sam asks if he can cut in and Rene twirls Sookie over to Sam, but obviously, Sookie is in no mood to dance with her employer after the other night’s revelation. Sam tries to call a truce, but Sookie denies him, telling him that it’s not that she’s mad that he’s a shifter, but that he didn’t say anything about being one, or about being with Tara. Sam tells her that she was right, he didn’t trust her to tell her, instead, he trusted his instincts, and they were “dead on”. Sam leaves her standing there, with a figurative big sign over her head saying “PWNT!” Also at the party, Jason is standing around laughing and joking with Rene and Hoyt, who he’s made up with, thank god, and Amy approaches and asks Jason if he wants more beer as she’s going to get another. She tries to stroke his neck some but Jason leans away, and declines the offer of beer before resuming his joke with Hoyt and Rene. Amy looks a little butthurt, but the wheels turning in her head are practically audible as she turns away.

P15Hoyt tells Jason as they grab plates and get in the chow line, that Amy is his favorite out of the girls Jason’s dated, and asks where he met her. Jason explains that he met her at Fangtasia, to Rene’s dismay and mild revulsion, but Jason explains that he only went because there was a band playing there that he liked. Yeah, the Pathological Liar/Junkie Quartet. Jason tells them that among all the losers dressed in black, they could tell right away that neither of them were fitting in, and that one thing led to another, so he never did see the band. Yes, he was too busy tweaking out on his V-juice fix to notice that he was actually courting a total psycho. Hoyt says he wants to be him, –no, baby, you really don’t, –even though he already lives with an obsessive female, his mother, the simpering, gossiping Maxine Fortenberry, Disturber of Fake Pecan Pies and Deliverer of Even Faker Condolences for the dead Gran. Rene asks if Amy and he are in for the long haul or what, and Jason sort of shrugs, but Rene tells him that if he’s found a good woman he should keep her.

Jason, if he ever doubted that Amy was the ‘one’ in the face of her obvious psychopathic tendencies, is now certain that she’s the girl for him because of Rene’s encouragement. After all, if you can’t rely on good friends to select an absolutely retarded choice of female for you, who can you rely on? And if you can’t rely on them to choose the worst possible female for you, then you can certainly rely on them to give you horrible relationship advice, which Rene neatly delivers next. Jason confides to his two buddies that because of his strong feelings for Amy, he’s lost the upper hand in the relationship, and Rene tells him that he has to take it back, by laying down the law: “Woman, this is what I want, this is how things gon’ be, and if she don’t like it, deep down she’ll respect it” and so on. Oh what a way with women you have, Rene. As if Jason needed any help being an ignorant sexist?

P17Hoyt gets an opportunity to use Rene’s advice as his mother approaches and tells him off for having too many beers. Hoyt draws some courage from Rene’s words of ‘wisdom’, and calls his mother “woman” before telling her that he plans to drink like a fish in a fraternity before the night’s over. In the circle of vampires out in some rather classy junkyard, vampires watch in disgust as Bill defends his act of murder, and the repulsed authority figure states in conclusion, “You murdered a higher life form for the sake of your pet!” Uh oh, looks like it’s not going well. Bill speaks up however, that Longshadow was in fact, stealing from Eric; Eric confirms it, as well as that the reason Sookie was there was to expose the thief, but he goes one step further and declares that Sookie is “valuable”. The “magister” or whatever in charge, denies it, and states that humans are basically cattle and food. Bill argues that some among them feel differently, and his royal ass gets a little bruised, before asking irately if Bill is challenging his authority.

After reciting his long list of qualifications for the job, the ‘Magister’ as we now know him, scolds Bill with a thorough statement: “Back your shit down!” and he uses a surprising amount of country twang that I find a bit more endearing. You know, despite the cold, brutal authority, and the arrogance, he seems like a fun loving guy, deep down. Bill starts to say more, but Eric gives him the “bad dog” look and just says “Bill” to make him shut up. Eric speaks in favor of Bill’s obedience, if somewhat hesitantly, while the Magister says that at least Bill hasn’t bored him, and that he does have some decent qualities. Then he says that the usual sentence would be five years chained in a coffin, resulting in severe physical diminishment, and insanity. But the magister says instead, that he’s feeling “a bit creative”. Bill looks up, and some funky music indicates an interesting turn of events, before we’re back at Arlene’s engagement party. Hoyt, Jason, and Rene are drinking and having little miniature spaz attacks that say: “The booze is making our esophagi disintegrate, but life without it would suck, woohoo!”

P19Watching from the table, Arlene leans over to tell the girls, Sookie and Amy, that what she loves most about Rene aside from his sexy Cajun butt, is that he’s good to the kids. Aww. Amy smiles and nods as if someday, she might consider bringing her own vicious spawn into the world, a terrifying thought that doesn’t even compare to all the weird things running around in the dark. Arlene goes on to say that Rene is good to her too, and that he’s a solid foundation, reliable, and that she can count on him. She says that she’s never had that, and Amy agrees with her. Yeah, Jason, who runs around with every girl in town, and Amy, the psychopath, who share souls as romantically as the couple in Natural Born Killers; how sweet. Sookie, steeped in negativity, as usual, goes on a rant about how much people suck because they’re always hiding something, or lying. Arlene and Amy give her a weird look, and Amy goes on to say that what she loves about Jason is that he’s as shallow as a martini glass and half as smart; “you never have to wonder what he’s thinking,” to which Sookie snaps, “yeah, because he ain’t thinkin’.”

Tara stumbles up in a slutty red dress that matches her 80’s hairdo, to drunkenly slur a “Heeeeey girlfriends”, in the direction of the three women, and Arlene tries to smile and say she looks great. Tara reveals that it’s actually her old prom dress, and Amy compliments the fact that it still fits her before she stumbles off with Sookie in pursuit, asking if she’s drinking like an Irish dock worker because she’s upset over Sam. Sookie also expresses disbelief that Tara never told her, and that maybe dating Sam isn’t a good idea. Tara tells her it’s none of her business, that at least Sam doesn’t drink her blood, and Sookie walks off, while behind her Tara calls for her to come back, most likely because she needs someone to vomit on. Over at the bar, Andy Bellefleur approaches Sam and confronts him about not being able to nail down any real information about his past, beyond his fictional “nudist” parents, but also no tax records or anything, that he wants more information, since now he owns a lot of property in Bon Temps and women are dying. Sam tells him honestly that he was adopted, before flashing back to his childhood.

P21A younger Sam walks through an empty house after school, discovering his parents had abandoned him, taking everything and leaving his room completely untouched. I almost cried a little; poor Sam. Andy hollers at him to shake him out of his memory, and continues pestering him about his mysterious lack of records. Tara stumbles into Andy and spills her drink on him, and curses at him for being in the way, before heading on to Sam and rubbing up against him clearly horny. Andy interrupts, but Tara cuts him off with “He du’n’t know anythang, he di’n’t do anythang, and he du’n’t give a shit!” before dragging him off to the office inside. Tara wants to screw and demands it aggressively, but Sam tries to slow her down, and is met with plenty of Tara-charm, compounded with drunken slurring to make her thoroughly attractive to an especially eager date rapist. Before Tara can go into her self-pity spiel, Sam tells her everyone has demons, and asks her what the fuck she wants from him.

Tara tells him she doesn’t want anything from him and drunkenly storms off, leaving Sam pissed off, and kicking his own shit. More anger on the way, Lafayette strides fully pissed off through the party, spots Jason taking a piss, and shoves him. Lafayette then confronts him about not being able to keep his mouth shut, but Jason tells him he did, to which Lafayette responds with the “news” of finding his supplier gone, and that’s what’s going to happen to him if other vampires find out. Jason tells him he has nothing to worry about, but Lafayette gets even more pissed off, and hollers at Jason for thinking that life is a big game, even though all these people he’s known are dying all around him; Maudette, Dawn, and Gran. Lafayette knocks him down and tells him flat out that he refuses to be next, calls him a bitch, swears on his mama’s grave, and stomps off, slamming the car beside him with his hand as he leaves. The confused and shocked Jason sits on the ground watching him go, most likely convinced by Lafayette’s non-sissy words and ability to kick his ass, that the Eddie situation needs to be fixed and soon.

P23At the “tribunal” the vampires’ Magister tells Bill that he owes the vampires a life; a car pulls up and out of the trunk pops a hysterical human, begging everyone within the circle to save her. Bill tells the Magister that he’d rather get willingly into the coffin, but he ignores him. The girl begs the Magister for help, but barely suppressing a giggle of delight, he tells her there’s no help for her there, and nods to Bill saying, “Meet your maker.” It’s Bill she next directs her begging at, and pleads that she doesn’t want to be killed or to die. At the party, Arlene asks Sookie to get some ice because she can’t find Sam, and Sookie says sure, because she needs “a break from all this, anyhow,” to which the indignant Arlene responds, “Well, thanks for having such a great time at my party!” No doubt, Sookie, why not be a little bit more of a bitch, and tell Arlene how old she looks, or that her dress makes her look like the crypt keeper?

Inside, while Sookie scoops ice, the lights flicker and go out. Sookie comes around the bar, saying “hello?” as is customary, and then “that’s not funny!” before she gets a flash of someone’s thoughts: a young girl in a waitress uniform being strangled to death while slapping at her attacker’s leg in jeans. Sookie drops to a wary crouch behind the bar, crawls forward a step or two before cautiously peeking over the rim of the counter, and then a man pops up and grabs her throat with both hands. Sookie brains him with the bucket of ice before he can get a good grip, and runs off towards the office, but it’s locked. Instead, she dips into the kitchen, closes the door and stands still, watching as the silhouette of a man appears behind the frosted glass of another door out of the kitchen. Sookie drops to her hands and knees, behind the prep table, and pulls off her shoes, crouching hidden again, as the door opens and her attacker enters. Sookie catches another glimpse of dirty fingernails stroking the cheek of the strangled young woman, whose nametag reads “Cindy”.

P25Sookie turns and catches sight of the man coming around the table before she runs from her hiding spot, pulls over a steel shelf to block her attacker, and dives out of the serving station. The man catches a leg, but Sookie kicks him away, runs towards the door, and right into Sam. Sam calms the panicked Sookie who can barely gasp what happened, before Sam quiets her in time to hear running steps disappearing out the back door. Well, it appears that Sookie’s night can get worse after all. She clings to Sam for support, and though he tries to follow the attacker, Sookie instead persuades him to stay with her, through much shaking and whimpering. In her car, speeding along a country road, Tara bawls in self-pity and takes a swig out of her bottle of cheap vodka, before realizing that in front of her, is a naked woman and a pig. Most of us, drunk or not, would have probably plowed through the fence that Tara soars through at the moment, and with such aplomb!

The filthy, crazed looking woman with amazingly precise lipstick and eyeliner looks behind her, and heads off with her pig, while Tara sits in her steaming shitbox of a car. Eddie lays exhausted in the dark meanwhile, as the two idiots, Amy and Jason argue on their way down the stairs. Jason is telling Amy that he doesn’t need her “fuckin permission” for something, Amy retorts that if they don’t trust each other then Eddie won’t trust them either, and Jason tells her “this ain’t a game, woman, and I don’t want him endin’ up dead” when he reaches the basement floor. Amy angrily tries to shake Jason and tells him that Eddie would kill them first chance he got, despite not being even strong enough to get out of a damn lawn chair and being tied with clothesline. Eddie squints up at them, as Jason kisses her and pushes Amy back, telling her no he won’t and not to try to stop him. He begins untying Eddie while telling her that he’s going to let him go, while Eddie weakly murmurs a thank you, Jason shoves Amy away. Amy scrambles for a wooden fence rail, picketed into a dull point at the end, and shoves it into Eddie’s chest, just as Jason’s muttering about her not telling him what he can and can’t do.

P27Eddie screams in shock and vomits blood, his face already beginning to look decomposed with veins bulging. Jason falls away as Eddie basically explodes, with strings of gore hanging off his hands. Jason tries to fling them off as he gasps in shock. Back at the tribunal, Bill works to get out of having to turn the girl, telling the Magister that he’d much rather be tortured than have to kill the girl and then convert her to vampirism. The Magister, amused, tells Bill that this isn’t torture, and that if he likes, he could show him torture. Bill seems to understand the capabilities of the Magister a little too clearly, before he declines the offer, and instead rebukes himself for speaking out of turn. The Magister calls the gibbering girl a cow, and eager to get the whole thing over with so he can go home and get his Wii on, tells Bill to stop stalling. The bitchy Louisa, who earlier pulled out the offending vampire’s fangs, responds to the Magister’s command by dragging the loony girl over by the hair to Bill.

The Magister fiddles with his PalmPilot as he almost rhetorically questions Bill in regards to the fact that their records show that Bill has never been a ‘maker’, and Bill confirms it, as the Magister tucks away his little digital datebook in a suit pocket. He asks if Bill is familiar with the procedure, Bill confirms again, and the Magister tells him to proceed. Vampires from various stages and walks of life look on with interest and predatory grins, as the wacky girl mutters to herself, while Bill tries to procrastinate. He takes her hand and pulls her up,  and she asks with wide eyes if he’s a Christian, to which Bill replies, “I was…” What a strange situation for a Watchtower spiel! Instead of making him take some literature, or asking whether his current church is spiritually fulfilling, the girl says instead, “I’m a good girl, Jesus will take me home to heaven.” Bill asks her name, and she replies, “Jessica.” Bill attempts to glamour while Eric watches, fangs extended, but the Magister tells them that glamour is not permitted. Aww, bummer, kids.

P29Bill pouts and tries to appeal for mercy, with “She’s just a girl!” but the Magister is starting to get bored, and tells him to shut up, and do as he’s told, as if Bill was an obnoxious teen, refusing to clean his room. The girl fights him and cries, but Bill restrains her, hesitates for a moment, says “Forgive me” before his fangs extend and he sinks his teeth in, while every vampire present, including Eric, Pam, the Magister, and Cho, get a little rise out of the goings on, and they begin to draw closer. That’s where they leave us!

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  1. What movie is Lafayette watching? I love black and white movies and I haven’t been able to find that one. There is a seductress named Georgia but that’s all I have to work with! Will an old movie buff please help me?!?

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