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Turning Japanese

I’m not an otaku—which really means anyone obsessed with any subject but is used primarily to refer to anime enthusiasts. I dig on the Japanese animation I grew up on, sure. BATTLE OF THE PLANETS. VOLTRON. But that’s about as far as my fandom extends. To me, Japan means Godzilla movies. There’s more to the island country, though. For one thing, it’s where Jesus is really buried—according to local legend. The guy who died on the Cross, according to this legend, wasn’t Jesus, but his brother Isukiri, who took his place while Jesus himself fled to Siberia. (I’m not making this stuff up, folks.) He eventually made his way to Japan and died of old age, interred at the town of Shingou. But being the not-so-secret burial place of Christ isn’t Shingou’s only claim to fame. They have a pyramid, too. Seriously.

Now you would think that having the actual Messiah buried within the city limits would keep any and all vampires away, what with that whole aversion to religious iconography and such. But the residents of Shingou didn’t trust it to protect them, so they also serve garlic-infused ice cream—and this last is named after Count Dracula!

The grave of Jesus, a pyramid, and vampire-repellent ice cream. I have *got* to visit this place!

TheCheezman • January 27, 2020

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