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TV Review and Ratings Recap: THE PASSAGE Episode 5

“How You Gonna Outrun The End of The World?”

Good question. We’re halfway through the abbreviated season of this new series, provided we get to see the remaining episodes and Fox doesn’t yank the show off the air first, which seems unlikely at this point but I wouldn’t put it past ‘em. But how likely are we to see any more of the show beyond those ten episodes? It scored a 0.9/4 share in the ratings for the latest episode and was viewed by an estimated 3.66 million households. It had the same share as last week and the week before that, but supposedly fewer viewers, so I don’t know how the hell that’s supposed to work. Still, it is the share that will decide whether or not the show gets cancelled or renewed, so the fact that it is holding steady is a good thing for us vampire geeks. There is some room for hope.

The show, regardless of the ratings, just keeps getting better. Big Evil Fanning has finally won me over. He’s an unconventional vampire overlord, yes, but Jamie McShane is damn good in the role. We found out this week that Fanning was a slimy possible sociopath *before* he became a vampire, and his manipulative mind-control machinations are the finest depiction of said vampiric power I have ever seen in a film or TV show. If this trend continues, Fanning might just end up as my favorite character. And how freakin’ creepy was redneck serial killer vampire Winston, played with some serious cornpone menace by Brett Gentile? I’ll admit it, when he outsmarted that smarmy little punk Dr. Pet and escaped, I cheered, right there sitting on my sofa. I am *so* ready for the vampires to take over the show!

TheCheezman • February 13, 2019

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