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TV Review and Ratings Recap: THE PASSAGE Episode Seven

“You Are Like the Sun.”

I love how the vampires don’t just automatically become evil once they become vampires. Like, Anthony is still a good guy, and even Shauna admitted in this episode to suffering from some “residual” humanity. Even with Fanning, the big evil, we are coming to realize he is just a narcissist and probable sociopath who got jilted and is lovesick. (How will he react now that Elizabeth has rejected him and chosen death over joining him in un-life?) The vampires are just more predatory, feral versions of the people they were before they turned. That’s awesome. Lots of room for good drama there.

Other observations: Wolgast is a badass. Sanniya Sidney is a phenomenal little actress. Where did they find this kid? I’m not sure if I’m totally buying Clark’s face-turn. They did such a good job of convincing us early on that he’s nothing more than an amoral jackboot. I’m not altogether ready to like him yet. I think I need some more background to help explain how he went from being a good guy to a goon. Maybe we’ll get that next episode.

It feels like this series is just getting good and cranked, and we only have three episodes left. Two, if you consider that the season finale is going to be a two-parter. Will we get a second season next year, or is this all-she-wrote?

This week’s episode brought in a share of 0.8/4 and was watched by approximately 3.30 million viewers. That’s a drop from last week. In fact it’s the lowest rating yet. Is that it, then? Are we done here? Not yet, but it isn’t looking good. If there’s a rebound next week and the numbers are good for the finale, we still have a chance for a second season. One more drop like this week, though, and the party is probably over. If you haven’t been, *please* tune in for those last three episodes!

TheCheezman • February 27, 2019

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