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TV Review and Ratings Recap: THE PASSAGE Episode Six

“I Want to Know What You Taste Like”

We’re holding steady in the ratings, which is good news. Not as good as if the ratings were rising, but steady is good. For the fourth straight week, THE PASSAGE earned a 0.9/4 share and was watched by approximately 3.5 million viewers. The latter is down from the 3.66 million of the week before, but the share counts more than the actual approximated numbers. (Don’t ask me to explain why.) We have four episodes to go in this season. At this point I’d say chances are good that we’ll get to see all of them, and if the ratings can continue to hold at the level they’re at right now, we’ve got a decent chance for renewal for a second season. We can’t let our guard down, though. Even little slips at this point could sink the show. Cross your fingers and hold on, and keep watching. We have one month left!

This week we got to see more of Shauna, so I was happy. It would have been too easy for the producers or whomever to simply hire a hot actress for this role without worrying about whether or not she could act. Fortunately they cast an actress who is both hot and *can* act. Brianne Howey has some chops, for sure. (Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Jessica Rothe from the HAPPY DEATH DAY films?) No Anthony this week, and Winston bit the dust, but it was a spectacular way to bite the dust. We almost got that long-awaited vampire breakout. Maybe next week. And maybe next week one of the vampires will finally kill sleazy government agent Guilder. I hate that guy!

TheCheezman • February 20, 2019

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