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TV Review: NOS4A2 Episode 7

“Scissors for the Drifter”

We finally got to see what that particular game entailed—although I’m betting you, like me, had already figured it out. I wonder why they went with scissors and not just knives. Probably Joe Hill in the novel provides some reasoning behind it. Maybe scissors just look creepier in the hands of children, being used to stab someone to death. I hated that it was Sheriff Joe who ended up on the pointed ends of those scissors, though. I really liked that character. But it makes perfect sense that Charlie would go after him, after Joe sicced the cops on him.

We get our first good look at Christmasland in this episode. So creepy. Did you notice the moon overhead? We got to see our first example of traditional vampirism too, with the little demonic kids filling up on poor Sheriff Joe. And I have to admit, I was totally rooting for Charlie when the old lady at the junkyard was berating him. I wanted him to get up and get her. And when Bing starts the Wraith and we see Charlie become young again in seconds—so cool.

We only have three episodes left of this terrific series. I can see why it might not be for the masses. It’s too refined, intelligent, and quirky for the common lot. But I’m really going to miss it when it’s over. If only we could see Charlie return in a second season, perhaps with an all new supporting cast. Hey, they’re doing a second season of THE TERROR and the source material for that one was just one book, so why not?

TheCheezman • July 15, 2019

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