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TV Review: NOS4A2 Episode Six

“The Dark Tunnels”

Vic spent only a portion of this episode trapped in the psychiatric hospital, escaping with Jolene to those titular “dark tunnels” via Jolene’s “blade”—a wheelchair. We learn that Jolene was once the prospective fiancée of Charlie Manx, before he tried to run her down with the Wraith after she rebuffed his proposal. (It was a real hoot getting to see Charlie with a 50s HAPPY DAYS Elvis-style pompadour.) Jolene is played by actress Judith Roberts, by the way, who was so creepy-good in DEAD SILENCE and also appeared in David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD.

Anyway, Vic learns how to play sane—“sane” as it is defined by her psychiatrist, that is, which means denying that Charlie exists—and gets sprung by the end of the episode. Not much of a period of purgatory for her, really. More like a stopover.

I find myself hating Vic’s mother more with each episode. I kinda hope Charlie gets her.

Did you catch the subtle reference to the original NOSFERATU in this episode? When Jolene and Vic visit Charlie and attack the Wraith, and Charlie rapidly ages, he totally does the classic Nosferatu walk! No way was that unintentional.

We only have four more episodes of this series left. That’s really unfortunate. I’d like to see this one keep going.

TheCheezman • July 12, 2019

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