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TV Review: NOS4A2 Episode Three

“The Gas Mask Man”

I enjoyed this one the most of the three episodes that have aired thus far. The characters have coalesced and the storyline, while still screwy-oddball, is suitably followable. The terminology of the show is likewise becoming familiar. Both the villain and the protagonist are “strong creatives,” in essence super psychics who are able to alter reality, projecting the creations of their imaginations into the real world. (Technically, then, the heel, Charlie Manx, is not a “real” vampire, but has used his powers to “imagine” himself into being one. An interesting take on the legend.) To achieve this alteration of reality, a strong creative must possess a “knife.” This latter is a physical object that focuses the psychic’s power, something like what a wand is to a wizard. For the heroine of the story, Vic “Brat” McQueen, the knife takes the form of her motorcycle. For Charlie, it is that wicked sharp Rolls Royce Wraith—which if you ask me is the real star of this show. They need to make a Hot Wheels version of this machine, pronto!

I’m not sure why—SPOILER WARNING—Charlie killed Mittens the cat in this episode. Mittens wasn’t interfering with his evil machinations in any way. Maybe he just hates cats, like the creatures in Stephen King’s SLEEPWALKERS. Or maybe it was just a clumsy way to show us that Charlie is eeeeeeeevil. I think we had already figured that one out, but okay. Also not sure why we need the oral sex in the library scene, but again, okay. The opening segment, though, with Charlie and the old lady, was alone worth the price of admission. It’s so nice to see a vampire character actually acting creepy. (Without having to kill a cat to remind us of his creepiness.)

Mainline critics are hatin’ on this show. I know that shocks you. What about the ratings? The second episode was down from the first, dropping from a .29 to a .23 in the 18-49 demographic. For whatever the hell that’s worth.

TheCheezman • June 18, 2019

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