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TV Review: NOS4A2 Episodes 4 and 5

“The House of Sleep” and “The Wraith”

Catching up, here, as I didn’t get the chance to watch the fourth episode until this week, when I watched it back-to-back with the fifth episode. We’re halfway through the series now, and all the burners are firing, cooking with gas. I’m definitely invested. The acting and the scripts are sharp as broken glass, and the show has style to spare. It’s a different sort of vampire story with its own set of rules, but it floats.

Some ruminations thus far: Bing is a scarier villain than Manx, and more pitiable. Is he evil or just sick? Seeing his origin, it doesn’t matter. The guy’s major bad news. Loved getting to see the car, the Wraith, the true star of the show, get some time to shine all on its own. I have to wonder if the Wraith would continue to operate even without Charlie. I suspect so. It has a life of its own now. I hope the father’s girlfriend gets eaten by the Wraith or one of the little vampire kids. Can’t stand her. And speaking of the vampire kids, the kids after Charlie gets finished with them, they put me in mind of the Black-eyed Children phenomenon. They should’ve given them black eyes on the show. Black eyeballs, that is. Would have added an extra layer of creepiness. Lastly, Vic’s little friend Haley—might as well have called her little Maguffin—is far more interesting to me now that she’s a vampire.

TheCheezman • July 2, 2019

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