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TV REVIEW: NOS4A2 Season Premiere

Oh, Charlie, I’ve missed you. I didn’t realize quite how much until I started watching last night’s episode. All the TV shows that helped to keep me sane during the ‘Rona lockdown—TRUE TERROR WITH ROBERT ENGLUND, THE DARK SIDE OF THE RING, THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH, and WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS—are all on hiatus not. I don’t watch much episodic television, not at all, but I need at least *one* show as my go-to. Welcome back, NOS4A2! I’m ready to return to Christmasland!

Charlie Manx is looking a lot more like a traditional vampire now, with his dying and subsequent resurrection. I love how his lifeforce is tied into his car. He comes back to life when it starts running again.

The show picks up several years after the events of last season. It’s neat seeing where the characters are now. (I knew Maggie was gonna hook up with the lady cop!) And it’s interesting how, with the second season, the storyline of the series is picking back up where the novel began. It’s an unusual approach, but it works. I look forward to future episodes. I actually wouldn’t mind a couple of episodes where we get to see Charlie just being bad, sans Vic and the rest of the cast altogether. It would make for a nice little interlude, don’t you think?

TheCheezman • June 22, 2020

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