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TV REVIEW: NOS4A2 Season Two, Episode Two—“Good Father”

Ask and receive! Last week I mentioned how I would enjoy an episode of the series dedicated to Charlie alone, sans any inclusion of Vic or the overall storyline, and that’s just what I got with this week’s episode—the best episode of the series so far, in my not-so-humble opinion. We got to see Charlie being the most properly vampiric this episode. Doesn’t matter that he’s the show’s villain, I can’t imagine any viewer not wanting to cheer him on as he dragged his splayed-open shriveled cadaver off that autopsy table and fought his way back “home”, and especially when he climbed into the Wraith and achieved full rejuvenation. The Man is back!

We also got to witness Charlie’s origin story—damn, but I wanted him to off his obnoxious father-in-law!—and heard the first utterance of the word “vampire” in the series. (If it has been used before now I don’t remember it.) It gave me the feeling I had when they finally, after so long, used the word in the original DARK SHADOWS. (Extra points if you know which character it was in that series who first spoke the word.) And on top of that, there were references to the classic film, NOSFERATU, from which this series took its name. That’s as close to a perfect episode as you can get.

TheCheezman • June 30, 2020

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