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TV Review: NOS4A2

After managing to wrangle for myself a free moment last night, I sat down and watched the first two episodes of the new AMC series NOS4A2. I’m glad I watched it that way, as those first two episodes really do need to be watched together. The second one explains some of the things set into motion in the first, answers some of the questions with which the debut episode leaves the viewer. Two episodes in now, what are my thoughts? Am I totally smitten with NOS4A2? I wouldn’t go that far, but I sure am intrigued. I will be tuning in to see what happens next. They managed to get the hook in my mouth, even if I didn’t swallow it completely.

I like the protagonist, Vic McQueen, and the young woman who it appears will be her partner, Maggie. Vic’s father is likable but a drunken ne’er-do-well. Her mother is an unlikable shrew obsessed with money. I feel sorry for seemingly simpleminded Bing the janitor, who is to serve as flunky to the big evil, vampire Charlie Manx. The cast is made up of well-rounded, realistic characters with capable actors in the respective roles, but this show will live or die based on whether or not its villain, played by Zachary Quinto, goes over with the viewers. He has promise. He definitely has my attention. Can they take me, along with all Charlie’s victims, to Christmasland? I’ve tasted the candy cane and found it yummy. We’ll see if forthcoming episodes can keep their sweetness.

TheCheezman • June 12, 2019

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