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TV Review: THE PASSAGE Episode Four: “Whose Blood is That?”

The ratings are in for the latest episode of THE PASSAGE. It got a share of 0.9/4 and was watched by an estimated 3.80 million viewers. No change from last week, but at least the ratings didn’t continue the trend of diminishing returns as it has with with each passing week. Is that enough to save the series from cancellation? No, not in and of itself. If it manages to hold steady and not see any more drops, then it has a decent chance for renewal. As it stands right now, it’s on the bubble. There’s still room for hope; we just can’t let the ratings slip again. (Because, y’know, it’s all up to us, right? Not.)

Every week I check up on the ratings for THE PASSAGE I am reminded just how much I loathe network television and the flotsam that passes for entertainment thereon. I so wish this show had ended up on FX or Showtime or something.

So Anthony is a full-fledged vampire now. He’s also giving Shauna a run for her money as my favorite character. I liked him even before I knew he *wasn’t* a murderer, as was revealed by this latest episode. So he was framed, and Shauna was at the least somewhat justified in committing murder. This ambiguity in terms of their respective morality only serves to make them richer, more interesting characters. As for the big heel himself, Fanning still seems like he ought to be teaching high school biology instead of plotting world domination, but he’s definitely growing on me. That “seduction” scene where he was trying to sweet talk Anthony into joining the dark side was brilliant.

Damn, I’m digging this show.

TheCheezman • February 6, 2019

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