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TV Review: Travel Channel’s LEGEND HUNTER: Lizzie Borden

I should begin by explaining why I am remotely qualified to offer commentary on this subject. I did a lot of research on the Lizzie Borden case—a LOT of research—when I was writing my original play BLOODLESS: THE LIZZIE BORDEN MYSTERY. Ever since, I cringe when I see some of the patently absurd theories and deliberate distortions offered by investigators and entertainers in regards to the case. I was excited about the new Travel Channel series LEGEND HUNTER, the debut episode of which reexamined the infamous and legendary murders. But did it pass muster?

The show kicked off with a new theory from a baseball statistician purporting that Lizzie couldn’t have been guilty. … Yes, you read that right. A flippin’ mother-lovin’ BASEBALL STATISTICIAN?!!?! They didn’t set the bar low with that beginning. They dug a trench and buried the freakin’ bar, leaving themselves nowhere to go but up. Things didn’t get much better, though. (Someone should tell show host Pat Spain, grandnephew of the godfather of paranormal investigation, Charles Fort, that you *cannot* give a deceased person a psychiatric exam and expect anything remotely accurate in terms of results.) There were a few voices of reason who tried to steer the host and the show back into the roadway, but there was also a lot of nonsense, and in the end, the show offered nothing at all new or even worthwhile, save for a few CGI schematics of the Borden house and who was where at the time of the crimes.

Since they didn’t mention any of the paranormal activity that frequently occurs at the Borden house to this day, though, they can claim to be a Science-based program. Even if there’s very little in the way of Science involved.

TheCheezman • January 10, 2019

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