TwiCon Coming to Ottawa, Canada!

As a resident of Ottawa, and a huge, huge fan of Twilight, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that TwiCon, the annual Twilight convention, is coming to Canada!! Not only to Canada, but to my very own city, Ottawa! The event was originally scheduled to be held in Toronto this summer but, because of the G20 Summit (and because let’s face it, Toronto already gets enough of the good stuff), it’s been moved to the nation’s capital!

TwiCon has actually only happened once before and that was last year in Dallas, Texas when 3,000 people – mostly screaming teenage girls with Rob Pattinson in their eyes – showed up. They’re estimating that only 1,200 people will show up at Ottawa’s event but I bet we see a lot more. Once again, Canada is underestimated. But I really don’t care how many people come because I know for certain that I will be there!

TwiCon will be held from June 25 – June 27 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Tinsel Korey, who plays Emily in New Moon will be there to sign autographs and meet fans. But if you’re not into Twilight but love other on-screen vamps, you’ll be happy to hear that Sam Trammell, who plays Sam in True Blood; and Joe Manganiello, who will soon join the series as the leader of the wolf pack, will also be there, in case you want to get into a debate about why vamps are better than wolves.

In addition to the big stars that you’ll see, you can also look forward to taking part in Bella’s self-defense course, tons of vendors that are ready to sell you anything and everything related to our favorite fanged friends, a masked ball, and a dinner with the stars! Tickets are steep, at $179, but really, isn’t that a small price to pay for just how truly awesome this convention sounds? I know I’ll be there for sure! Besides, who knows the next time that TwiCon will come to Canada?


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  2. Just hope the place isn’t swamped with girls dressed as a young orphan girl from Prince Edward Island upon hearing that Emily of New Moon is going to be there. (If you’re Canadian, you’ll get the joke. ;) )

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  5. i wish it would have been in toronto . i live closer toronto and cant afford going all the way to ottawa for one of these things even tho its gonna be a once in a life time chance. i am 20,with a back problem, that will give out on me at anytime and i will be paralyzed for life. if u know what scoliosis is then u will know the severity of my back problem. im on welfare and i dont get that much for myself. i cant get on disability because i have no family doctor and there is none in the city im in accepting new patients ( im in niagara falls ) i cant afford my ID either on the tight budget im on. i would have LOVED to go its just i wouldnt be able to afford it .

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