‘Twilight’ Author Sued

You read that title correctly, the infamous Stephenie Meyer is getting sued. Why? For stealing another author’s ideas.

A woman named Jordan Scott claims that Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in Meyer’s Twilight saga, has significant similarities to The Nocturne, a book she wrote when she was 15, and had published in 2006. Scott’s claim said the books “show striking, articulable and substantial similarities in the … plot lines, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, pace, characters, sequence of events, ideas and other similarities.”

So, a few of the scenes Scott says have been copied include the post-wedding sex scene as well as a scene involving the death of a main character’s wife. You know, because neither of those ideas have EVER been done before in any other book. Ooookay. Cue the eye role here.

Stephenie Meyer’s reps have replied to this allegation by saying…

“The claim that Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit.

“Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim.”

Either way Jordan Scott has decided to pursue this and is taking Stephanie Meyer to court.

Seriously though, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books are a collection of overused ideas and stories that have been done over and over again by countless authors before her, as well as television and film.  I am genuinely surprised more people haven’t come out to sue her. Will Jordan Scott win this court battle? Highly unlikely for the reasons above. There isn’t anything creative in Meyer’s writing, everything from the star-crossed vampire/human lovers to the demon baby has been done before her by others.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. OMG … stephenie meyer, sued? thats just …
    but seriously is this true? i cant believe she could do something like that, steal the plot of another book and have your book become so famous while that book’s like a nonentity.

    hey, by the way, when is midnight sun going to be released, does anyone know? i would LOVE to read twilight again, the best book in the series, from edward’s point of view.

    OK then, see ya guys. and please can you reply to the above question?

    thank you and stephenie i hope u get out of this mess soon.

    laura. x

  2. i really think that whoever it is that is suing her– and i have never even heard of that book even though i read A LOT– just needs to get over the fact that both her and Stephenie are rather unoriginal. I mean really. Not a big deal.


  3. Her books I’ve realized are so similar to many other vampire books out there. The books based off True Blood [Southern Vampire Series], City of Bones Series, and so many others. Yes, the ideas are reused over and over by many varieties of authors, but she changes names, places, and a bit of plot. I’m sure her ideas are original in a sense, but derived [most definitely] from some sort of inspiration. If it’s not word for word, there’s no reason for a lawsuit. It’s famous because the star-crossed lovers are teenagers… and teenagers love drama. That’s why the book is such a best-seller. I must admit, I am one such teen.

    And no… she’s not coming out with Midnight Sun. It is postponed indefinitely because some douchebag decided to leak it on the net and she states that she decided to stop writing it because people need to understand copyright infringement and an author’s creations are like their children, so SHIT. :( You can read the partial draft she finished before the suspension on her website. Very partial, some mistakes… I wish she would finish is.


    …. -cries-

      1. i know but you know she wont io mean just look at her web page she refuses.and plz you know millions have thought of that in a vampire book shes just jealous

  4. she isnt goin to make the book midnight sun because someone got a hold of it and put it on the internet for others to read srry i want to read it also and if this is true the lady needs to get a life she is ruining stephanies carrer and it dosnt help with others putting her writin on the internet or telling anyone about it

  5. I think the lady is just lying or so just jelous. alot of writers are most likely jelous because her books are making alot of money and the movies that are soon going to be coming out- hopefully- i mean think about this: alot of books are the same- vampire falls for human cant resist the scent of her and eventually turns her into a vampire- so how does she know that she stole her ideas? alot of vampire books are the same! doesnt she get that? like the vampire diaries- the books are awesome!- stephen falls for alana he turns her into a vampire because damon wants her so badly because she reminds him of Katherine!!! and that partakes the twilight book. edward turns her into a vampire because he doesnt want anything to happen to her blah blah blah! we have all heard the stories before! how is any different from any other vampire book?!!!!

    1. Excuse me but, Edward doesn’t change her because he didn’t want anything to happen to her. He changed her because she was dieing!!

  6. ok think about this: alot of vampire books are the same!- Vampire falls for human cant resist her scent and eventually turns her into a vampire- we have all heard the stories b-4 so how is it that stephenie meyer stole ideas from her when their are so many vampire books out their. like the vampire diaries!- the books are awesome! read them!!!!- stephen falls for alana and damon likes her also so she gets turned into a vampire blah blah and it takes to twilight: edward falls for bella cant resist the scent of her and turns her into a vamp. we have all read the series and know like all the details to any vampire book. they all have the same ending basically. so i think the lady is just jelous shes foolish to take stephenie to court. how dumb does she think stephenie is? stephenie meyer will win of course- if the whole court thing is true- in the end i can not wait to see new moon!!!!!! big fan!!!!!! 11-20-09!
    – peace dawgs. im out.

  7. I totally agree with Kimberly this Jordan Scott person is probly just jealous and yeah there is a lot of vampire books out there and they are all the same in some way so why the big deal now? And Stephenie probly did copy some of it at first along with a lot of other people but she changes things like names, settings, and she changes the plots in some way to. So This Jordan Scott girl needs to just back off because shes just jealous!!!!! So I hope Stephenie wins in court because she rocks and even if she did copy it she made it way better so Im on her side either way!!!!!!!! GO STEPHENIE!!!!!!

  8. I think that the sueing is to get attetion to Jordan’s (or whatever her name was) books. Because everyone is right: the idea has been used so many times before. ANd the other girl won’t win because the judge would agree with me.

  9. “I think that the sueing is to get attetion to Jordan’s (or whatever her name was) books.”
    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

  10. what ever so we all agree my fellow vampires that this jorden or what ever her name was must die? We must protect what could be the greatest saga on the century…and dominate anyone who gets in the way

  11. Wow that lady is going to sue Stephenie Meyer’s! Thats so Wrong..that lady(whatever her name is) is just full of BS! Im so on Stephenie’s side! Twilight’s saga is the best books every!! The movies are awesome..that other woman is just jealous maybe cause her books are not as amazing as Stephenie’s! And cause her books are not turning into movies IDK but that lady is totaly wacked! OMG did you know theres another twilight book coming out…its called The short Second life of Bree Tanner!! OMG OMG OMG! Everyones heard Bella Swans side of the story..in this new book you get to hear the story of Bree tanner! Watch Eclipse lisen for the name Bree Tanner and your then see what im talking about kk peeps! ;)(found this out cause of the book club im in!!)

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