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‘Twilight’ Director Bill Condon Confirms Never-Before-Seen Supercut

International Business Times
Twilight’ Director Bill Condon Confirms Never-Before-Seen Supercut Of …

Surprisingly, the large missing scenes from the edited version of breaking dawn will not be added to the dvd/blue ray versions. Many fans have hoped to see the missing footage, which is to said have shown alot more of Edward and Bella, on the home versions of the movie. It’s beginning to look alot like it may forever remain on the cutting room floor.

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Editor • September 11, 2013

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  • i love twilight

    • Francesca White


  • Ashley Soto

    cool book

    • Francesca White

      i love both x

  • Francesca White

    i love the movie so much special the part when jasper look half dead but nice and also scared because he is nice.i love all people in the movie.