Twilight in Forks

The “Twilight in Forks” documentary is quite simply, a look at the town of Forks, Washington. This of course, was the setting for the Twilight saga but, it’s also an actual town. As the video shows, the town is very much like Stephenie Meyer describes. In the documentary are the Forks High School, the Forks Police Station, and the Forks Hospital. Every place that you could imagine in the movie is here. So, it’s kinda weird that the movie wasn’t filmed there, isn’t it?

Getting past that, the actual town of Forks is really kind of cool. It has all of the beautiful forests surrounding it that you’ve seen in the movies and imagined for  yourself when reading the books. And First Beach in La Push has all the timber and tree trunks lying around that Bella and Jacob meander around on their very first trip to the beach. But before 2006, the town of Forks was this sleepy little town that no one had ever really heard of. It was in 2006 that the people in the town started getting questions about Twilight, even though most of the people in the town hadn’t even heard of it (not a lot of young teenage girls in the population, I guess.) First, visitors would come in asking for Twilight memorabilia, then they started asking for Twilight tours of the town. It wasn’t long until the Forks Chamber of Commerce saw that this was a huge opportunity and capitalized on it.

Now you can walk into Forks Outfitters and if you’re lucky, hear Bella Swan being paged over the P.A. system. And you can go into the police station and ask to speak to Charlie Swan and “Charlie” will come out to greet you. No, he doesn’t actually dress up like the Charlie in the books or movies, but he’s very friendly and will happen to be part of your imaginary Twilight world for a little while.

Most of the people in the town of Forks are actually quite happy with what’s been going around the town, and the sudden interest in it. It’s no doubt good for the businesses in the town and good for the people too. But many residents of Forks aren’t quite as tickled about the many people tromping through their town. I guess they feel as though their privacy is being invaded and I can’t imagine that having to deal with throngs of tourists is all that fun. Coming from a small town myself, I know just how intrusive that can feel at times so I can’t really blame them all that much.

Aside from the town itself and the different landmarks you can see such as a replica of Bella’s truck and the Cullens’ mailbox, the documentary also talks to fans who share their love of all things Twilight. The fans include teenage girls (of course) who come to see what the actual town offers to older people, and even people who have uprooted their families to go and live there!

Everything regarding Twilight and the town it takes place in is somehow included in this documentary. And I haven’t even yet started on how Jacob’s self-proclaimed grandmother and grandfather tell their own story of the Quileute legends! This truly is a tell-all documentary that every true Twihard fan needs, and will love!

– Kate


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  4. I loved the show Twilight. I watched it twice and would watch it again. It made me willing to watch New Moon. I love good movies of this type. I wish that we would have them on prime tv. When they have a good story line and great actors like these it keeps me interested. When I stay up to watch the end of a show that does not go off the air till after 11pm; it really has to be something.

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