Twilight Landmark Demonlished in Forks, WA

If you are one of the many Twilight fans who have visited Forks, Washington then you probably remember Quillayute High School, you may have even taken photos in front of it like so many others. Well unfortunately, the old facade, which was made famous by Stephenie Meyer’s series, was recently demolished to make way for a new school. Sorry Twi-hards, if you didn’t get a picture of you posing in front of it before, you can’t now.

The popular spot was demolished this month in spite of an effort to stop it. According to reports, a campaign to raise $287,000 to save the 86-year-old facade raised only a couple thousand dollars, not close to enough to save it. Officials say that a terra cotta cornerstone and lintel reading “Quillayute High School” will be preserved in the new school.

Also, many thought there was a time capsule in the old building, but all they found was a badly deteriorated copy of a 1925 newspaper. Ah well.

There are quite a few Twilight fans out there that are really bummed about the building being torn down, which honestly, is ridiculous. The school was mentioned in the books, that’s it, it wasn’t in the movies, it wasn’t the location of some huge event – it was just an old building that was briefly mentioned in a book. So there’s no reason to get wildly upset over it, after all it’s only one of many buildings Twilight fans can visit in Forks, that place is a huge tourist trap full of goodies for Twi-hards. If you go HERE to the Forks website you can see that they have loads of places to see and things to do for Twilight travelers, everything from audio tours to a Twilight restaurant. So losing ONE little building isn’t all bad, right?

– Moonlight

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