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Two New Glimpses of Dracula

The SyFy series VAN HELSING is not a straight adaptation based on the character from the novel DRACULA. It isn’t even an adaptation of the movie starring Hugh Jackman, which was itself not a straight adaptation of anything. The TV series is all about Vanessa Helsing, a descendant of Van Helsing the vampire hunter. As it is its own thing, it doesn’t bother me in the least that they’ve cast a woman, Tricia Helfer from the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA remake, as Dracula. They have a female Van Helsing. Why not feature a female Dracula?

I am far more excited about the first glimpse of Claes Bang as Dracula. The upcoming series from the BBC and the guys who brought us SHERLOCK *is* meant to be a straight adaptation. Straight-er, anyway. As such, Bang really needs to look the part. What do you think? Does he? For my part, I like what I’m seeing here. No fangs, but the ring, the Christopher Lee-esque bloody eyes, the long nails. The guy looks the part. Let’s hope he has the acting chops to pull it off. (And let’s hope he does indeed have the trademark fangs. He just wouldn’t be Dracula without those fangs.)

TheCheezman • July 29, 2019

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