Tyler Seeks To Reunite With His True Love Caroline On ‘Vampire Diaries’

Warning: The following clip from the Jan. 30 episode of The Vampire Diaries is guaranteed to trigger a few emotions.

Well as everyone knows by now, Tyler is back in Mystic Falls, but what has he come home to…. that seems to be the big question. I still have to wonder if there was something more than moral support between Hayley and Tyler during their stay in Appalachian woods, well at least for now, he seems squarely set on winning back his lost love. Do you think he’ll be able to forgive her for her one nighter with Klaus? Do you think she will ever be able to trust that he will be there for her, with his constant running off whenever there’s trouble? Do YOU think they should get back together?

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  1. she did nothing wrong…the old song you don’t own me comes to mind, now if they reconcile it is he who owes the great apology!

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