Type O Negative Minus One

I am sad to announce the passing of Peter Steele, the front man of the Gothic Metal band Type O Negative. He was confirmed dead yesterday, April 14, 2010. He passed from heart failure.

According to Road Runner Records, “Steele was born Petrus T. Ratajczyk on January 4, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York. He stood 6′ 7″ (201 cm) tall, and had a low, bass-heavy voice, which was one of the most recognizable features in TYPE O NEGATIVE’s music.”

Back in 2005, a vicious and uncalled for prank surfaced on the band’s website; an image of a gravestone with Peter Steele’s name, birth and death date listed, and the words “Free at Last” were written upon it. Fans were devastated and eventually happy to hear that their lord of rock was indeed still kicking … until now.

I had just gotten into Type O Negative relatively recently thanks to a close friend of mine. Days were spent where all I would listen to was “I Like Goils,” and “Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)” on repeat on my iTunes. I would also check all of my Type O songs on my playlist, and prepare to write Darkness.com articles until my head was filled with thoughts of vampires, goblins, and death.

As I sit here contemplating the meaning of life and thinking how lucky I am that I am still in fact pumping blood through my veins, I can’t help but feel slightly depressed. Depressed for the world of Gothic Metal and depressed for the family that lost such a great person.

With that being said, I now shall open up my iTunes window and have a Peter Steele / Type O Negative memorial of my own in my room, blasting the sound of a great and mysterious Gothic Metal singer.

Rest in Peace, Peter Steele.

– Bryce


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  5. Bryce, I have to agree with you… I too felt a slight depressed feeling when I heard the news. I am a Type O fan from way back. I love Black no 1 and Christian Woman. Just love those songs. He will be missed. Such a shame.

  6. I hope he’s in a better place ro at least at peace. His music was an inspiration at best and an amusement at worst. I was lucky enough to atch TON live in Brooklyn when I was a lad and it was a huge blast. It was easy to tell that Peter LOVED what he did and was great at it. I hope we all are lucky enough to do the same. Rest in peace, Pete. Maybe later we can get a 5th of Jack and a slice.

  7. Darn it
    I just typed a whole long message, and when I hit the submit button my Internet Explorer hung.
    Did you get it or do I need to redo it?

  8. Forever shall i miss peter steele.whom i first met backstage at the embassy club in london for one of my midnight gigs,hé asked to try my memphis rings on,rocks,hé told me hé was from new york but when hé added brooklyn i gavé him the entire collection ,i met his parents in new york,peter was/is incredibly talented with lovely bandfriends,with all the dark bloody divisions that enveloped his personna,all the mazes hé dared to take,hé will surely make an invited ghostly beau.whose spirit never leaves those hé graced with his présence in form and in music. ..nymphaea lavina.

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