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Under the Floorboards

Time’s a bitch, man. There just isn’t enough time. Not enough hours in the day. For instance, this here is the perfect set-up for a Horror movie, just like that supposedly empty and forgotten Egyptian sarcophagus I reported on in a separate article this week. While renovating a museum that was formerly a church called St. Mary-at-Lambeth, which sat next door to the resident of the Archbishop of Canterbury, construction workers discovered a hidden tunnel beneath the floorboards. This tunnel led down to a hidden sublevel containing numerous coffins. These coffins, some containing historic figures like a former Archbishop, had been completely forgotten. It was believed that this sublevel had been cleared and filled in with dirt over a century-and-a-half ago. Oopsies.

From there, imagine that those coffins had been “forgotten” on purpose. That there is something sealed in one of those caskets, and that the construction workers unintentionally disturbed it. See? Instant Horror movie script. But when, oh when, am I supposed to find the time to write it?!

(Then again, this is all coming to you courtesy of a clickbait site–not THIS site, but this one–so take it with a grain of salt. True or not, though, it’s fodder for the imagination, innit?)

TheCheezman • April 1, 2018

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