‘Underworld: Next Generation’ Is In Writing Stage

Lakeshore Entertainment hired ‘The Last Witch Hunter’s Cory Goodman to write the new ‘Underworld’ movie

Finally, we will find out what has happened to all our ‘Underworld’ favorites with this newest movie in the series.  It looks like ‘Underworld: Next Gen’ has progressed from the minds of the powers that be at Lakeshore Entertainment to the creative writing of Cory Goodman.  We’ll soon see exactly what Selene and Michael’s little girl, Eve has become since she’s all grown up.  Has she learned to control her rage? Has her incredible strength diminished as she got older?  Is she still being hunted by those who seek to cannibalize her for their experiments? No news yet on a release date, but I suspect it won’t be until late 2015, or summer 2016.  Are you excited about the newest ‘Underworld’ movie?

source: bloody-disgusting.com

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