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Unholy Water

I am a sucker. I freely admit it. Offer me something that registers on my “cool” gauge at a reasonable price and chances are mighty good that I will buy it. If you don’t believe me, ask Funko. As I sit typing at my computer, there is a small vial of dirt on my desk near the computer. This dirt came from Poenari, the site of the real Castle Dracula in Romania. Dirt. And yes, I bought it. I own a clump of reddish, woolly fur. It just so happens to have come from a mammoth carcass. Yep, I bought it. I have musket balls from famous battlefields, a lump of coal that came from the TITANIC, dirt from the grave of Sir Richard Francis Burton (I only had to pay for the shipping for that one), and a bill for my home security system to pay every month to safeguard my treasures that, in all likelihood, would hold no value at all for anyone other than a geek like me.

To this collection, my cabinet of curiosities, I can now add this, a vial of water from Crystal Lake, home of Jason from the FRIDAY THE 13TH Franchise. Known in our mundane world as Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey, this was the site where the first FRIDAY THE 13TH was filmed. This is the actual lake from “Camp Blood” in which Jason Voorhees drowned—and then returned to life to seek bloody vengeance throughout eleven sequels. And it was bottled on a Friday the 13th (hopefully under a full moon)!

There is also a lake in southern Alabama where parts of my favorite of the FRIDAY movies, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART SEVEN: THE NEW BLOOD, was filmed. Guess who’s planning a road trip?

TheCheezman • November 24, 2019

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