Unique Vampire Gifts

The art of being a vampire is very mysterious. I mean come on, think about it; there’s a myth surrounded around being bitten by a man with fangs that drinks blood and cannot be seen in the light of day … that’s just freaky. What can be even freakier, you ask? May I present to you some freakish items that even Edward Cullen wouldn’t be caught dead purchasing.

Let’s start out slow, shall we? After surfing the internet, I came across a Buffy the Vampire Slayer product. Yes, this product actually exists and it’s an exact replica of Buffy’s stake she used on the show. The wooden weapon is apparently made to look like the stake Buffy used predominately in the first season.

Secondly, I found a heart with a stake in it. It is not a human heart, but the heart of a pig … the human heart and a pig’s look almost exactly alike. If you buy this heart, it comes in a 9X6X5” box lined in black satin. This creepy gift should not be purchased for the weak of heart (pun intended). Oh and best line of the ad states that the heart itself is “…totally odorless and permanently preserved.” Gross!

And last but not least, the worst of the worst vampire gift ideas. I had originally found a feminine hygiene product that had a sexy vampire image plastered all over … you’re not a numbskull so I’ll let you figure this one out on your own. Then I did some snooping around and it turns out the a major supplier of said product also hopped on a the vampire band wagon.

There are plenty of vampire products out there besides books but the above mentioned certainly take the cake in my book.

– Bryce


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