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Valentine’s is Over… But You Can Still Have a Very Sexy V-Day Of Your Own with These Books

“There are hundreds of reasons to love romance novels, but one of them is that these love stories give us the chance to relive the joy and buoyancy of all the “firsts” of love…”

Okay, so, I know I have been publicly negative about vampire erotica/romance; the genre tends to be disappointing. But February is almost over, and Valentine’s day is long gone, but for some of us… you know, those of us who didn’t get roses and candy and really good sex, –there’s still a chance to get all that stuff elsewhere, vicariously…. through vampire romance.

What’s great about these books, are they were only recently released, and some haven’t been released just yet, but they’re on their way. So start this list chronologically. First, Forbidden to Love the Duke by Jillian Hunter. If it sounds sexy, that’s because it is, –and it’s the beginning of a brand new series. Next, read The Immortal Who Loved Me, by Lynsay Sands, –the vampires in her novels are ancient survivors of the city of Atlantis. That’s supposed to be out at the end of February, –and here we are, –at the end of February. Oh, and that one is definitely on my list. It’s also a sequel to Vampire Most Wanted, –so read that one first. By the time you get done with those two, you’ll be ready for The Red Bikini, and its sequel, Ten Good Reasons, which comes out early April! Get ready to read sexy, and therefore, feel sexy, all the way into spring!


annimi • February 26, 2015

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