Vamped Out Episode 4, Online Now

“Everyone knows there are over a hundred medical marijuana dispensers in California but what they don’t know is that there are just as many blood dispensers and there are thousands nationwide. Most vampires and their families, if they can afford it get their blood supply from them. But do you know who the unwitting supplier is? The Red Cross, originally founded by guess who… a vampire.”

Alowisus Hewson

Elliot, Marie and Kenny have caught up to Al and his kidnappers. Elliot tells Marie to wait in the car while he and Kenny bravely head up to the roof of a building where they find Al bound to a chair. The two discover that the kidnapper is none other than Ardalion. Seems Ardalion has had enough and wants Al to quit the documentary… Now. Too bad his minions are a little scatterbrained, it may just end up ruining he’s tough guy reputation.

Ardalion tells Al to think of the kidnapping as an intervention to save their kind from Al‘s ego. Ardalion knows Al‘s only doing the documentary in order to get on Oprah. Al agrees he would love to be on Oprah, or to dance with Ellen or Montel Williams. The two begin to argue and Al accuses Ardalion of being jealous because it was Al who saved their people and it’s his face on the flag. (Hmm, interesting tidbit there dontcha think?)

Just as the argument reaches a fever pitch Elliot shows up to inform the group that everything was going great but that the argument started getting a bit campy. Ardalion grabs Elliot, shouting for him to leave them alone. Ardalion convinces Al that he doesn’t need to work with Elliot and that they can get some money together and make their own fictional film. That way Al gets his chance at the spotlight without endangering his fellow vampires.

After Marie shows up agreeing with Ardalion it looks like Al is ready to put the kibosh on Elliot‘s documentary. Is this it for Elliot‘s big comeback? Tune in next Monday on Babelgum.Com to find out!

Vamped Out just keeps getting better and better with each episode. With each segment the viewer is welcomed just a little bit further into the lives of Alowisus Hewson and those around him and are given little pieces of Al’s past which keep us eagerly awaiting more. A perfect blend of humor and suspense, Vamped Out is proving that you don’t have to be a huge blockbuster film to be a huge hit.


By Cult Hero

is a vampire junkie whose obsession has gone so far as to cause the writing of Chris's first novel the as yet unpublished Servants of the Night. Aside from writing for Vampires.Com and Werewolves.Com Chris also showcases personal works of poetry, prose and photography on the website and can be found lurking around Twitter at!/CultHero.


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