Vampire Abilities and Flaws

The abilities of a vampire are numerous, and naturally depends on what vampire is in what area, for one to know what kind of things they might be capable of. For example; many species of vampire are not know to be able to fly, however, the bruxsa in Portugal, the lansuir in Malaysia, and aswang in the Philippines all have the ability to fly. Other vampires native to cultures in different regions must first change shape to fly, which is but one more of their many talents. A vampire might turn into a dog, cat, bat, wolf, insects, and pests or rodents; anything to escape destruction. Many cultures believed that during the cremation of a vampire if you were to let even one maggot, or bug to escape from his corpse during the burning that he would have survived. Vampires also have the ability to defy gravity, in some cases, such as Count Dracula’s nimble talent of scaling walls like a spider, head down facing the ground.

To invade locked doors, or escape in tightly cramped areas, the vampire is able to transform himself into a mist, or vapour, so that he can travel beneath doors or through keyholes. Others believed that he was able to reduce in size or dimension, so that he could slip through narrow spaces. The vampire also possesses great mental and physical strength; if he is not able to hypnotize his enemy, he will surely have the strength of several men to defend himself. Some vampires have the power to control other animals, making them familiars or servants, while others are able to control the elements. Some believe that vampires are responsible for crop failure, and bad harvests. The Balkan people, among a few other cultures believed that a vampire could have intercourse with a human female, producing their dhampir offspring. Many cultures believed that vampires naturally possess eternal life, or at least live very long lives. In India and the Ukraine, some species of vampire stole human organs, while the Romanians believed that vampires caused impotence.

Despite the vampires many numerous strengths, they also have many weaknesses that render them destructible by man, or skilled hunters. For example, many cultures believe that a vampire is unable to cross over a threshold that they have not been invited into. Others believed that vampires could not cross over running water. European cultures maintained the belief that vampires must sleep during the day, which  keeps them in a comatose state. The reason being for sleep during the day, is yet another weakness; vampires are unable to withstand direct sunlight. The vampire in many legends is vulnerable to Christian religious objects, as well as hallowed ground. Some cultures also believed that vampires must return to the soil of their native land in order to regenerate their powers, and to sleep. The other weakness, is that vampires are unable to see themselves in mirrors; this would not seem like a weakness, but was actually used to capture Dracula, in the film Dracula 2000.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


      1. Grow up you didn’t almost get bit. If they were hungry and tried to feed you wouldn’t be around to leave that comment. Luckily for you it was just some idiot wannabe.

  1. What happened to the site. I haven’t been here for a while. I had to be else where for a little bit? Where did everyones comments go? Did I miss a lot? Anyone who knows me, let me know what’s up and how we can comment on things being said.-Jenna

  2. Hey Jenna It’s me. I don’t know why they changed this site. I left a question on here and the next day everything was reformated. I really do not enjoy this set up. Hope all has been well for you. Though it is nice not to have to sift through all the old comments with requests to be turned, I do miss the old conversations and some of the regulars on here.

    1. that shit in those paragraphs is bull shit! i all most got killed by ten of the damn asswholes! they have no weaknesses. i’m dead serious that i all most got killed. you got to be very careful when trying to lern a lot about them. do not try to add some on internet cause they can find u even if they dont know where you live. BE VERY CAREFUL!

        1. Lol, buddy you are first class, it’s children like you that will never be able to see. What else would you like to claim DOESN’T exist. I really would like to know, I am having one hell of a week so I would love to hear your theories on the matter.

          1. You’re being kinda antagonistic, don’t you think, Raine? Some people believe in vampires, some don’t, and just because you’re having a bad week doesn’t mean you have to bitch out on someone else.


  3. hey
    i dont know much about vanpires at all
    but i have seen the film twilight and i am currently reading the book.
    what i dont understand is why his eyes change colour.
    can any body explain?
    or was that just made up for the film and story.
    also, have vampires ever existed? if so can we be sure they dont anymore?
    thanks x

    1. 1: Twilight can be very fictional in many ways. 2: Edward’s eyes change color like this: when they are black, he needs blood. When his eyes are golden, he doesn’t need blood. 3: Vampires have, do, and will excist.

    2. can i first start by saying sorry but vampires do not exsist, i love twilight and wish they did but they dont, it all started as a story that has gradually been exaggerated over the years just like santa claurs and the tooth fairy although some people seem more reluctant to see that vampires dont exist purely for the fact that we all wish they did. the reason there eyes change colour in twilight is because they need blood and change colour when they have just had it and when it gets low and they need to feed. im sorry to you guys as i know you all want to believe and if there wasnt any great films and programes out there like twilight, vampire diaires etc played by really hot actors then sites like this wouldnt even exsist because no one would care. you all like the idea of having a really hot boyfriend and living forever young while loving the idea that you would be the object of everyone facination and desire. if they did exsist (which they dont) like one would even come on here and say ‘o yer by the way im a vampire and il turn you’ if it was true because if that was the case and they were so open about admitting they were a vampire then it would be all over the news as a breaking story. by the way its also physically impossible for vampires to even exist and im sorry but you all need to get it out of your heads. i will gurantee and bet my life on the fact they dont exist, thats how much i am certain.

      sorry if thats upsets anyone but its the truth and you all need a wake up call.

  4. Paige,

    Some vampires eyes do change color but not many. It is just as common as a human with eyes that change color. The books and movies added that just for more of an effect. As for the question of vampires existence that is to be dicided for yourself. Some believe they still exist and are in hiding and others believe they no longer exist or have never existed and are just scary stories. There is one thing that I thought to be interesting though. If you wish you can follow this link to national geographic where they have dug up a supposed vampire skull:

  5. Hey,
    I only know a little about vampires, but researching them is a good way to pass the time. The vampire skull story was pretty interesting.
    A lot of the books and films based around vampires are pretty good: Dracula, Twilight saga, House of Night novels, etc. All are recommended!

  6. Alex,

    I completely agree that researching vampires is the second best way to find out about them and since the absolute best way to learn about vampires is to sit down and talk with one doing research will have to suffice. One thing with the books and movies though, not everything is true and some is exaggerated so bear that in mind while you do your research and don’t forget to have fun!

    1. darkone,

      you seem to know alot about vampires. Are you one?


      I agree, researching vampires and reading about vampires (and I know that not everything in the books are real) are good ways to pass the time. They are so interesting and mysterious that I’m hooked!

  7. paige!
    Eduard’s eyes are black when he’s hungry and golden when he’s not.
    At first he was black eyed cause he was so hungry (one of the reasons for him reacting the way he did to Bella) and while he was away he went to Antartica, eating some penguins or what not.. that’s why in his return his eyes had that color in them :)

  8. Berry you have come the closest to answering why the eye colour changes… although Darkbone has touched on a point as well. The colour of not only the eyes (but often also of the complexion) is closely related to their state of hunger, however not entirely dominated thereby. Different species have different characteristics and it is not a given that all of them have the same attributes.

    If you pay close attention to the movie you so love referring to, Twilight, you will notice that Edward didn’t so much react the way he did merely due to hunger… the larger driving force behind his reaction was the actual smell of her blood. Some of these creatures find ways to anticipate hunger, manage cravings and they even find ways to deal with the smell of human blood in an attempt to live some semblance of a life. Although, once in a while, they do pass that one human whose blood smells much stronger than they are able handle… like with Bella in the movie. Human blood also differs in smell, like any human scent does.

    Darkbone has stated another reality, movies, books and the net might be good places to do research and gather information, but you should heed Darkbone’s warning as well… all these places, more often than not, portray embellished myths as truth.

  9. I would like to first address the ones claiming that vampires are dangerous pack monsters that attack them and have no weaknesses. To this I say: utter foolishness.

    Vampires do exist, and they are very similar to normal people. Think of it as a defficiency. People with diabetes or vitamen difficiencys exibit symptoms of the deficite, as well as having side effects for letting their condition run wild. Vampires suffer from a spiritual difficiency. They do not produce their own personal energy very well. The exact cause or reason of this is currently unknown, at least outside the vampire community.

    When the body doesn’t create enough “vitality” a person will find alternate means to replace it. Vampiric souls tend to “vampiricly” take energy from another, but they do have several means. Some are able to filter the energy that flows in our blood, but they must ingest it. They identify as Sanguine (Blood) Vampires. Others have harnessed their spiritual strength enough to take the energy directly from the aura of another. They feed on the psi (Psychic) vital energy the body creates. They tend to be active and outgoing, or simply able to always steer things their way. These identify usually as Psi (psychic) vampires.

    Both types (and the others that exist) can have sensitivity to the sun, but it could be anything from burns easily to approaching xeroderma pigmentosum ( ie The Others or Midnight sun). Beyond possible sunlight issues, they do not have any inhuman weaknesses. They also do not have any inhuman strengths. They do not live forever, bullets do kill. They have the advantage of greater psychic potential then most normal people, but their skill is not fully unique.

    These are vampires, and This is the truth as I see it.

  10. Vampires, To some people, Exist. I, Myself, don’t believe in them. Kevin, you really need some help. You’d be dead right now if a vampire got a hold of you. Crosses don’t work, another Dracula myth. My gosh, Some people are very disrespectful just because they think they got ‘Bit’ by a vampire. Okay, if you really got ‘Bit’ then the person who bit you REALLY needs some help. And if they actually drank your blood, that’s sick.

  11. Fools. Mundane fools. You do not realize that vampires come in many shapes and sizes. There is more than one type. They do not all feed from pranic energy (blood). Do your research and then try to tell me that our kind does not exist. Also, most of the weaknesses described above are merely myths. I happen to love garlic hmm hmm hmm.

  12. If vampires are real, then heck, you’re telling me that anything can be real. Who’s to say that dragons aren’t walking around my neighborhood in “many different shapes and forms”. Or what about elves? Yep, they are all different too. See, this is what I don’t like: When things that are seemingly impossible try to be proved possible, such as the fictional vampires. Maybe “vampire” is just another word for someone mentally ill who goes around trying to drink people’s blood. And by the way, NO I did not do my research on the topic. I did not spend any second of my life reading up on the history or origin or existence of vampires. All I’m saying is that can we at least try to stop confusing people all day long? It’s hard enough trying to live life on a day-to-day basis, and then people start talking about how vampires are real. This is a world of government, human and animals, society, and world wars. When you try to intermix mythical creatures, it seriously throws everything we’ve ever known off, which isn’t a good or rewarding feeling by the way. It’s like when I was younger and had math class: It was all numbers. And then I encounter algebra, where they add LETTERS into the subject I’ve always come to know as “numbers class.” It just doesn’t work! I am not asking for proof of vampires, nor am I saying they don’t exist. Gee, I don’t even know what my point is. I’m just ranting because it’s not only vampires that people go crazy over, it’s all sorts of things. I have heard claims of ghosts, bigfoot, fairies, mermaids, even unicorns. I mean, seriously, who would want to go and complicate their lives with stuff like this? When I bother watching documentaries or whatever on conspiracy theories or stuff like Area 51 or things like that, it boggles my mind and makes me think, “Wow, there is so much more going on in the world than I’ll ever know about.” Think of the “illuminati”. They are apparently poisoning our minds with the music and media, but isn’t it just troubling to think that they really are?…… Go out and have lunch or something. Watch a movie.

  13. i dont wanna loose ma love. i love him so much that if it takes ma soul to be wd him, take it, m olready dying without him. i js wanna b wd him at every second , m ready to start with forever (;_;)

  14. Hi , kind of scared to come out and say this but ive felt since i was a kid i grew up believing in vampires im 26 years old and i look 12 my eyes change color and im pall white and i sexualy siduct guys and girls i have craving for blood but not of humans but row meat i am RH negitive i have more white then red blood cells and i have a very rare body type and its true off bread do exsiste my 2 year old sees dead people and told me she was a vampire just like me ive never said nothing about it to her for she was only 2 and im just trying to say i have to hide in the shadows of my own life hiding my true self from people and im hating it im a sexualy siductive girl who sucks the energy of thoughs around me

    My names silika guidry
    And i have vampire vangs top and bottom and i never aged since i was 12

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